University Student Desecrates Bible for Art Project, Places Satanic Image over Jesus' Face

When given an assignment to turn a book into something new, one University of Southern Maine student decided to tear the pages of a Bible and place a satanic image over Jesus' face. The student said he had been thinking about the idea of questioning authority and wanted to question religious authority -- something he says is ordinarily taboo.

Who Are the Christmas Angels?

They top our trees, adorn our yards, and may even stand proudly in your local department store. But the Bible has a lot to say about angels, and not just in the Christmas story. Who are these angelic beings, what do they do, and why are they so closely connected to the story of Christ's birth? 

5 Biblical Truths from the Song "Mary Did You Know?"

You've probably heard it on the radio, and probably by quite a few different singers. You've also probably heard some of the criticism of the song "Mary Did You Know," as folks love to point out that yes, Mary did actually know. But despite all that, the song is still rich with Biblical truths and reminders for modern-day listeners about the power and majesty of Christ, even as a small baby.