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'Seeing Jesus from the East': A Much-Needed Perspective for Western Eyes

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In Seeing Jesus from the East, Ravi Zacharias and Abdu Murray explain how certain underlying norms of Eastern culture, including the role and purpose of stories and symbols, the power of the “honor and shame” mentality that pervades the East, the meaning and rewards of sacrifice, the role of teachers and prophets within a wisdom-oriented culture, and – my favorite – the use of parables, are all critical to understand if we are to comprehend the full biblical witness about Jesus Christ.

The Universal Virus … And Its Cure

A sad woman sitting on the floor, The universal virus of sin

In many ways, sin is like a virus. Like a virus, sin is invisible yet it has symptoms. Like a virus, sin is real, it weakens us and separates us from others. Like many viruses, sin is deadly. Sin brings spiritual death or separation from God. Sin spreads and is a universal pandemic. Like many viruses, sin, too, has no human cure. The Bible is clear that no amount of human effort can remove one sin.