Answering Abortion Assertions: Abortion Saves Women's Lives?

Uncomfortable pregnant woman at a hospital in labor

Last week at our annual Wilberforce Weekend conference, we held a pre-event on Thursday evening to discuss what it means to prepare for a post-Roe future. The presentations were exceptional across the board. Today, I want you to hear from my friend Stephanie Gray Connors. She responded throughout the evening to various slogans used in our culture to promote abortion. Here’s one of the short talks she gave in response to the slogan, “legal abortion saves women’s lives.”

Why the Senate's Latest Failure Should Not Leave Us Rejoicing

Why the Senate's Latest Failure Should Not Leave Us Rejoicing

Yesterday, the Senate voted on the Women’s Health Protection Act, which—had it passed—would have gone beyond simply codifying Roe v. Wade to also roll back a number of abortion restrictions that have been passed at the state level in recent years. It predictably failed to garner the requisite 60 votes. But now is not the time for taking a victory lap and acting as though God cares about the unborn more than he does those lamenting the Supreme Court’s impending decision. After all, how we react now will define the way many in that latter camp see our faith going forward.

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