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Church Confirms Drag Queen for Ordination: The Urgency and Power of Personal Morality

Ethicist Russell Moore was right when he said, “The problem now is not that people think the church’s way of life is too demanding, too morally rigorous, but that they have come to think the church doesn’t believe its own moral teachings.” He adds: “We are losing a generation—not because they are secularists, but because they believe we are.”

President Biden Delivers First Joint Address to Congress: Two Lessons on God’s Calling to Serve Others

While segments of President Biden's speech before the joint Congress sought to depict a unifying path forward, he could not seem to consistently avoid relying on unnecessarily extreme rhetoric. Senator Ted Cruz responded to the President's speech in a similar matter, saying little intended to bring Americans together. And while that hardly makes either man unique in recent times, it does reinforce that we should look elsewhere for our examples of how to engage with others. Fortunately, the Bible gives us a much better option.

One Person Can Make a Significant Difference

When looking at nationwide trends for a country with a population of more than 331 million, it’s easy to feel like a very small fish in a very large ocean, and that feeling can make it tempting to believe your life can’t make much of a difference. Today, though, I’d like for us to take a few moments to discuss two reasons why it’s important to act as though you can.

Biden First US President to Acknowledge Deaths of Armenian Christians as Genocide: Why the Armenian Genocide Matters Today

Given that modern-day Turkey desires to recreate the Ottoman Empire and reclaim its position of international significance, President Biden’s decision to reclassify the mass killings of Armenian Christians under the Ottoman Empire in 1915 as genocide is both significant and commendable.

Fresh Off Another Oscar Win, Pixar Looking to Cast its First Openly Transgender Character: How Should We Respond?

The inclusion of characters in children’s programs who overtly embrace a lifestyle that runs counter to God’s truth as revealed in the Bible should not be taken lightly. The first such instances are often a test to see how far companies can push the limits before it begins to hurt their bottom line.

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