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Iranian Attack on Israel Said to Be Imminent

Why should any of this be of great concern to Americans? To ask that question is to answer it.

The Connection between Trump's Abortion Comments and the Vatican on Gender Surgery

On the same day Donald Trump said abortion restrictions should be left to the states, the Vatican released a twenty-page document reaffirming its opposition to "gender-affirming surgery." What narrative connects these stories?

Why Are Israelis So Happy?

Despite all the hardships Israelis are facing these days, Gallup’s recent World Happiness Report lists their country as the fifth-happiest nation on Earth.

"I May Not See Any More Eclipses"

A transforming response to today's totality.

Biden Warns Israel about Future US Support in War

While the President stopped short of directly stating that he would cut Israel off from further munitions and aid, the implication was clear: his concerns over Israel’s present course can no longer be ignored.

Will the Bird Flu Become the Next Pandemic?

A person in Texas is being treated for the bird flu after having direct exposure to dairy cattle presumed to be infected by the virus. This is the second human case of the illness in the US, but the first linked to exposure to cattle.

Luck, or Miracle? Thinking about Baltimore Bridge Survivors

And what about those who did not survive—were they unlucky, or did God not favor them as he did those he spared miraculously?

Biden Administration Promotes Transgender Day of Visibility on Easter Sunday

The White House became embroiled in controversy over the weekend after issuing a “Proclamation on Transgender Day of Visibility, 2024” for Easter Sunday.

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