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Christians Don't Fight Political Battles Like the World Does

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Christians carry the reputation of Christ, his message, and his church in our hands every day. Our words, attitudes, and actions influence people towards the Gospel or away from it. The world either sees an accurate picture of Jesus and his work through us, or they see a distorted version of Jesus. Christians must consider this in how we interact with others, even when political issues are at stake.

Your Body, Whose Choice?

Your Body, Whose Choice?

The very concept of “bodily autonomy” was originally a Christian contribution to an often cruel and barbaric world. Far from suggesting that our bodies are mere heaps of matter for us to do with what we will, the Christian view was that to defile the body, either our own or another’s, is to violate the image of God. Regardless of how old, how young, how healthy, or how sick, a Christian view is that our bodies are not our own. “You were bought with a price,” Paul wrote to the church in Corinth, “therefore glorify God in your body.”

Jane Goodall Sees Intelligent Design but Misses God's Image

Jane Goodall, Goodall sees intelligent design but misses God's image

Jane Goodall recently won the 2021 Templeton Prize. The prize honors those who "harness the power of the sciences to explore the deepest questions of the universe and humankind’s place and purpose within it." Goodall is a longtime supporter of the Great Apes Personhood project, which seeks to confer human rights on primates. For all Goodall's talk of "intelligence," "purpose," and a "spark of divine energy" in living things, she seems to miss the utterly unique place of human beings in creation.