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FCC Receives More than 1,300 Complaints about Super Bowl Halftime Show: The Coronavirus and Two Ways to Respond to Culture

From Genesis to Revelation, we find God taking the initiative in relating to his creation. He seeks Adam and Eve in the Garden (Genesis 3:9). He sends Joseph to Egypt, Moses to Pharaoh, David to Goliath, Daniel to the king of Babylon, and Paul across the Roman Empire. Religion is about our climbing up to God; Christianity is about God climbing down to us. The entire story of his dealings with us is one of a shepherd seeking lost sheep, taking the incarnational initiative to go to those who could not come to him.

'Christian' Atheists? - A Faith Too Good to Be False

According to Esther O’Reilly, skeptics admitting to the Christian faith’s positive influence on history is only the headline of this story (although we’d be remiss to not include the recent book “Dominion” by Tom Holland as yet another example). O’Reilly thinks that under the surface, spiritual truth is being found too, much like the skeptics C. S. Lewis describes in the essay entitled “Myth Became Fact.”

The Philosophy Fad: Quoting Marcus Aurelius Doesn't Make You a Stoic

Tere’s a strange irony that these ancient philosophers are hitting it big in an affluent place like Silicon Valley. As the BBC article notes, “the Stoics generally took a dim view of huge wealth.” 

My intention here is not to criticize anyone trying to take to heart Socrates’s wise maxim that the “unexamined life is not worth living,” but I can’t help but think this self-help fad is a first cousin to the “mindfulness” craze that swept Silicon Valley in the early 2010s.

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