Is the Future of Charitable Donation at Risk?

Donating to charity jar, is the future of charitable donations at risk?

An upstart group called “Unmasking Fidelity” is trying to expose conservative donors to harassment by demanding the nation’s largest grant-maker, Fidelity Charitable, publicly reveal contributions to ten key organizations. These include the Family Research Council, Turning Point USA, and Alliance Defending Freedom, which Unmasking Fidelity absurdly calls “white supremacist” and “fascist.”

The Danger of Doing Something Rather Than the Right Thing

Capitol Hill, Senators are warned that the Equality Act would close many religious organizations

Tragedies have a way of inspiring us to action. Whether it’s a natural disaster, freak accident, or an act of terrorism, we routinely see people get united and energized around perceived solutions in a way that cuts through the reservations that often hinder change. Unfortunately, that impulse to do something often means people act without thinking about the long-term consequences of their decisions.

What God May Have Intended with the Question of Alien Life

An alien, Religious people and atheists differ on belief in aliens

If your faith in God feels threatened or shaken by the prospect of life existing outside of our planet, then you should first consider wrestling with why that’s the case. Nothing in the Bible expressly denies the existence of extraterrestrial life. Neither does anything in the Bible require us to believe it’s out there. Why? Because the Bible is far more concerned with your life and my life here on Earth—and, more specifically, how to live that life in relationship with God—than it is that speculative question. Satan would love it if we became divided over or obsessed with an issue that, most likely, just doesn’t matter instead of focusing on the things that do.

10 Controversial Christian Books You Should Read Anyway

10 Controversial Christian Books You Should Read Anyway

It’s a tale as old as time: your friends on social media are ranting about how a “so-called Christian” book is pure evil. “Don’t waste your money on this heresy!” they announce. “Cover your children’s eyes! These lying pages would make good toilet paper!”

Meanwhile, you’ve got other friends talking about the exact same book and singing a very different tune: “The best thing I’ve ever read! It’s changing my life! If you love Jesus, you’ll place an order tonight!”

So who do you listen to? To read, or not to read?

There’s no single answer to this question. (Unless you plan on recommending or criticizing the book yourself, in which case you should probably read it.) Controversial books aren’t inherently worth reading. But Christians don’t need to be scared by controversy either. Often, books are controversial because they raise difficult and important questions. If we only read things we already agree with—if we avoid everything that might make us uncomfortable—we’ll never learn anything new.

Here are 10 controversial Christian books that are definitely worth the read, whether you wind up agreeing with the author or not.

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Why Ideas Like 'Replacement Theory' Are so Dangerous

Tops Mass shooting, Why Ideas Like ‘Replacement Theory’ Are so Dangerous

Where inane ideas used to remain, for the most part, locked away in the minds of those who held them, today are relatively accessible on the internet, where they can be fostered and grow unchecked by the bounds of reason and reality. As such, any kernels of truth that may exist within an otherwise deranged idea provide all that’s required for that idea to spread. And Christians are not immune to this tendency. That’s why it’s so important for us to recognize that most people, even those who end up defending truly outlandish ideas, do not start out looking for something false to believe.

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