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Benjamin Netanyahu Came Back 'to Stop Iran,' Says Journalist Who Interviewed Him

Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu views himself as a "figure of destiny" and returned to the political limelight in order to "stop Iran," according to a veteran journalist who recently interviewed him.

King Hezekiah Inscriptions Among 'Most Important Archaeological Discoveries in Israel of All Time,' Professor Says

An Israeli ancient history professor has recently translated inscriptions describing the life of the biblical Judean King Hezekiah.

Israeli Middle School Students, Guide Find 3,000-Year-Old Canaanite Scarab during Field Trip

Israeli middle school students on an archaeological tour near Tel Aviv recently came across a 3,000-Year-Old Canaanite scarab designed as a dung beetle.

Mosaic Evidence of Early Christianity Found at the 'Burnt Church' in Upper Galilee

Archaeologists have uncovered four Byzantine-era inscriptions after cleaning tiles during a dig in Upper Galilee earlier this summer.

FBI’s Decision to Reopen Investigation into a Palestinian-American Reporter's Death Strains U.S-Israel Relations

A recent FBI decision to reopen an investigation into the death of a Palestinian-American reporter in Israel is upsetting Israeli leaders, straining relations between the U.S. and Israel.

Netanyahu: New Government Will 'Preserve Israeli Democracy and Israel'

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s presumed prime minister-to-be, pledged on Monday to preserve democracy and to reach a “broad” consensus on legislation as he forms a coalition government composed of four factions.

Israel Archaeologists Find Ancient Comb Featuring a 'Full Sentence' in the Canaanite Language

Archeologists in Israel have found an ancient comb featuring a 'full sentence' inscription in the Canaanite language. The comb is believed to be around 3,700 years old.

What I Learned in Israel about the Recent Israeli Elections

A coalition led by former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu won enough seats in the Israeli parliament to form a new government. What you may not know, however, is why this story matters to every evangelical Christian in America.

'A Find of a Lifetime': Archaeologists Find Intact Burial Cave from Time of Exodus Pharoah, Rameses II

Archaeologists have discovered an intact burial cave dating to the time of Ramses II, who is believed to be the pharaoh in the biblical book of Exodus.

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