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Why the Minichurch Is the Latest Trend in American Religion

A small church, Why the mini church is the latest trend in American religion

According to the recently released Faith Communities Today study, half of the congregations in the United States have 65 people or fewer, while two-thirds of congregations have fewer than 100. That’s a marked change from two decades earlier, when the 2000 Faith Communities Today survey found the median congregation had 137 people and fewer than half of congregations had fewer than 100 people.

Some Churches Got Mega PPP Loans. A Few Got Tiny Ones.

a pile of money, Some churches got massive PPP loans while others got tiny ones

More than 123,000 religious groups were approved for Paycheck Protection Program loans, according to data from the Small Business Administration. Of the 123,083 loans to religious groups, only about 13,000 were for more than $150,000. Those larger loans accounted for about $5.5 billion of the more than $9 billion worth of PPP loans approved for religious groups.

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