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Dead Sea Scrolls

Israeli researchers have been analyzing the Dead Sea Scrolls as part of an intensive seven-year study. DNA analysis of the animal skins the scrolls were printed on has revealed that some of them were written far off in the Qumran instead of the Dead Sea, where it is widely considered that they were composed by an ancient Jewish sect known as the Essenes.

Rocket Launch, SpaceX sends astronauts to the Space station

Christians should realize that the awe that overwhelms humans when watching man set foot on the moon or a robot land on Mars or astronauts boarding the space station is more than a mere feeling. Rather, it’s a testament to our unique status and role in creation, as well as our drive and capacity to imagine beyond the constraints of what is to what might be, and it’s a reminder that the universe is a place to be known, explored, and even subdued.

'Criticism Resulting from My Mistakes Was Justified': Museum of the Bible Receives Heavy Criticism over Stolen Artifacts

Just under 12,000 antiquities are being repatriated to the Iraqi and Egyptian governments by Steve Green and his Museum of the Bible. The artifacts, which were housed in the Washington, D.C.-based Museum of the Bible, were found to be either looted or stolen during a museum funded investigation into the facilities collection.

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