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Why We Must Never Concede the High Ground of Truth

Why We Must Never Concede the High Ground of Truth

Yesterday I noted that one evangelical response to cultural opposition is to defend our religious liberty, a valuable and urgent task being performed by some of the finest Christian legal organizations in America. However, to our critics, we are merely seeking the “right to be wrong.” As a result, we must also persuade our skeptical culture that we seek the “right to be right.”

Critical Race Theory and a Christian Worldview

a mother and daughter hugging, how Christians should view critical race theory

Like Marxism, Critical Race Theory is something of a Christian heresy, taking the Christian themes of human dignity and justice and a world remade, and re-orienting these causes under new management. Most pertinently, CRT is slipping into the space where the Church belongs but is too often absent. If we don’t want unbiblical explanations of life and justice sweeping through the Church or culture, we’d better make sure we communicate and embrace the full ramifications of Christian truth for society, and then act justly and love mercy.

Donald Trump's Impeachment Trial Continues: The History-Changing Power of Convictional Courage

Trump's second impeachment, The History-Changing Power of Convictional Courage

Politicians are not the only leaders who must balance principles with pragmatics. Corporate CEOs know the saying, “No margin, no mission.” If they do not add value for shareholders or meet other financial metrics, they cannot fulfill the other purposes of their organization. Pastors know that if their church is not growing numerically, it can struggle to minister effectively. This balance is just one place where the biblical worldview is vitally significant for our secular culture.

Dr. King and the Nature of Law

Martin Luther King Jr, Dr. King and the Nature of Law

As a work of moral philosophy, Colson and the Georges are absolutely correct about their assessment of Dr. King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” It is unparalleled in its clarity about the nature of law, what constitutes an unjust law, and our responsibility to respond to unjust laws. Twenty years ago, Chuck Colson reflected on Dr. King’s legacy, and the most important contributions from his Letter from a Birmingham Jail: Here is Chuck Colson:

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