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Live Not by Lies and the Danger of Soft Totalitarianism

a woman holding a book, live not by lies and the danger of soft totalitarianism

Throughout history, Christians have faced demands to be silent. Throughout history, they refused. In Live Not By Lies: a Manual for Christian Dissidents, blogger and author Rod Dreher thinks Christians in the West are entering a season where we will not only have to decide whether we will be silent; we will have to decide whether we will allow ourselves to be forced into going along with what is not true, with lies.

Finding the Courage to Stand for What We Believe

Finding the Courage to Stand for What We Believe

In what could be the motto for our day, Hamlet claimed, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” We have been taught that “truth” is the result of our subjective interpretation of our subjective experiences. Your mind processes your senses differently than my mind processes mine. As a result, there can be no such thing as objective truth, only “your” truth and “my” truth. The fallacy of this reasoning becomes apparent the moment we recognize that those who reject absolute truth do so absolutely.

Why the Idea of Human Exceptionalism Ruffles Feathers

A crow on a rock, why the idea of human exceptionalism ruffles feathers

Scientists who assume that human exceptionalism is a religious hang-up will see any animal spotted resembling human behavior as evidence that there’s nothing exceptional about humans. This same commitment to disproving human exceptionalism is also at work in the search for extraterrestrial life. The view that best corresponds to reality is the Biblical view, described by the audacious proclamation of Psalm 8, that humans were created “little less than God ... and crown[ed] with glory and honor,” and the audacious job description described in Genesis, that humans have “dominion” over all creation, including the “birds of the air.”

The Power and Privilege of Faithful Courage

woman with coronavirus face mask praying for school year

Coronavirus deaths in the US are beginning to rise again, with average deaths across the country up 10 percent over the past two weeks. Pandemic fatigue is a major factor. The Wall Street Journal reports that “a tired public lets its guard down, triggering more infections and restrictions that in turn compound the fatigue.”

Therein lies my point: The greater our challenges, the more necessary our courage.

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