Losing Ourselves

A woman pondering, losing ourselves

There is an essential question for Christians to answer. If we are to frame our worldview without being pulled here-and-there by the various deceptions of our culture while also having a strong enough cultural witness that is big enough for the questions of the challenges of this time in human history, then answering this question must involve a deep dive into the issue of the image of God. In other words, the Christian view of what it means to be human.

Why Compromising with the Equality Act Falls Short

LGBT flags, Why Compromising with the Equality Act Falls Short

In light of the very real threat posed by the Equality Act, a number of Christians have offered compromise solutions, most notably the Fairness for All Act. FFA would carve out exemptions for churches and certain religious organizations, though it’s unclear which ones. It would not, howeverprotect the religious freedoms of private Christian citizens who are medical professionals, business owners, bakers, florists, photographers, and so on.

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