The 10 Commandments of Facebook: Things Christians Should Never Do On Social Media

Sometimes it feels like Facebook should come with a warning label: Enter at your own risk.

The internet can be a harsh place, and it can be easier to slip into bad habits on social media than in the “real world.” You can’t always see the damage you do, you can react within seconds in the heat of anger, and it’s hard to take your words back once you’ve put them out to all of Facebook.

As Christians, we should be especially careful what we post online, and more importantly, how we treat others. You might be able to come up with more, but here are 10 problem areas that I see most often. Have you noticed yourself or others falling into these traps?

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Top 7 Biblically Significant Archaeological Discoveries of 2018

2018 was a big year for archeologists. On Christian Headlines alone, we covered almost 20 Biblically significant archeological discoveries. From potentially finding the location of the Ark of the Covenant to finding the oldest known manuscript of the Gospel of Mark, scientists have put their best feet forward in the quest to finding artifacts from way back.

Here are 7 of the most significant Biblical archaeological discoveries of 2018.

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5 Things You Should Know about the California Wildfires

Last week several wildfires struck up across the state of California. For eleven days, three major fires have burned through hundreds of thousands of acres of land and displaced over 25,000 people. According to ABC News, the wildfires have left 82 dead and nearly 700 people missing.

The Camp Fire, one of the two major fires ripping through the coastal state, ignited near Butte County in the Plumas National Forest in Northern California.

The Woolsey Fire ignited on November 8, near Simi Valley and Los Angeles in Southern California. The fire is expected to possibly spread all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

Weather reports are saying, however, that some much-welcomed rain is in the forecast for this week in California. The state is expected to get as much as 6 inches of rain.

Here are five things you should know about the California wildfires:

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5 Family-Friendly Things New To Netflix

There’s an old quote about family reunions that’s worth updating as we approach Independence Day: Don’t discuss politics or "The Last Jedi" around the dinner table.

In fact, it’s possible that of those two, 2017’s "The Last Jedi" will be the most controversial among friends and relatives this summer.

How else do you explain a movie that ranks No. 8 all time in domestic gross receiving a “liked it” audience score of 46 percent at – despite 91 percent of critics giving it a thumbs up? Most moviegoers on opening night also enjoyed it, rewarding it with an “A” CinemaScore.

This month on Netflix, "Star Wars" fans can gather around the television and watch "The Last Jedi" when it begins streaming June 26. Of course, they’ll likely argue a bit, too.

"The Last Jedi" (PG-13) leads this month’s list of top family-friendly releases on the popular streaming platform.

I was among those "Star Wars" fans who loved "The Last Jedi," which ranks No. 4 on my list of favorite films from the saga. But I’m also smart enough to realize that many of my friends loathed it -- and that it can lead to hours of wasted time debating it.

Some fans hated how Disney and director Rian Johnson treated their favorite characters. Others despised the direction of the movie, and how characters were doing things with the Force that would have been impossible in previous films. Still others saw politics inserted into the storyline. The pushback against "The Last Jedi" might have led to the disappointing box office results for this year’s "Star Wars" film "Solo" (PG-13), with fans staying away in droves.

Despite the controversy, "Star Wars" movies remain popular among many families. "The Last Jedi" comes with a few caveats for parents, such as the violence and disturbing content, as well as some curse words.

Here are four other notable Netflix releases this month for families:

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What Does the Term 'Evangelical' Really Mean? Here are 10 Things to Know

The term “evangelical” has become a general term for Christians despite some differing opinions on just what that means.

Many experts have weighed in on just what evangelism is and is not, and more and more the word is being used in political and sociological terms. Despite the complexity of the term, it’s clear the word may mean different things to different people.

Here are 10 things you need to know about evangelicals.

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10 Things Christians Should Know About The Episcopal Church: History and Beliefs

The Episcopal Church was established after the American Revolution when it became independent from the Church of England. The Episcopal Church characterizes itself as "Protestant, yet Catholic".

It is a Christian church divided into nine provinces and has jurisdictions in the United States, Taiwan, Micronesia, the Caribbean, Central and South America, as well as the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe and the Navajoland Area Mission.

Discover our 10 things Christians should know about the Episcopal Church.

Presbyterians: 10 Things to Know about Their History & Beliefs

Presbyterianism is one of the earliest religions to come from the Reformation, and it has long prided itself on tradition and deep faith.

The church’s unique hierarchy helped America in its early development as a democracy, and its belief in voting and elections are a hallmark of the church.

Here are 10 things to know about the Presbyterian church.

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