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It Is Our Responsibility to Teach Our Children Wisdom

It Is Our Responsibility to Teach Our Children Wisdom

There is no room for passive parents or guardians in this generation — parents and guardians who don’t want to confront the issues, who aren’t involved, who don’t discipline or who want to be their child’s best friend rather than their protector. We must commit to being parents and guardians who make a difference by imparting wisdom into the lives of our children.

How Dads Change with Fatherhood

dad hugging toddler son joyful

Fathers are more than just sperm donors. They have a connection with their children beyond contributing DNA. In fact, that whole myth is losing credibility in the face of scientific and medical evidence. For instance, we know now that fathers bond physically and emotionally with their children in a way that complements a mother’s bond. That’s why skin-to-skin contact with dad is now a common practice in delivery rooms.

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