10 Christian Mothers Who Set Godly Examples

10 Christian Mothers Who Set Godly Examples

Mother's Day is soon approaching which gives us a chance to reflect on our thankfulness for mothers and the influential part they play in our lives. A Godly mother is someone to be especially thankful for and someone who certainly deserves to be celebrated and honored! The following are 10 mothers from Bible times up through the present who took their work as a mother and as a follower of Jesus very seriously. Perhaps you will be able to see some attributes of your own mother in them or will be inspired by them in your own journey in motherhood.

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Loving Your Mother to Death: Honoring Your Mother While She Is Alive and Vibrant Is Crucial in the Kingdom

Loving Your Mother to Death: Honoring Your Mother While She Is Alive and Vibrant Is Crucial in the Kingdom

Loving a mother is forever, from the first moment you become aware of her presence to the last breath you yourself take on this planet. The most difficult time to love her is, of course, at the time of her demise and death. Honoring your mother while she is alive and vibrant, providing thoughtful gifts, phone calls, shared meals, and loving cards, is important.

The Break Down of the Family Has Lead to a Lack of Morality

The Break Down of the Family Has Lead to a Lack of Morality

We are raising a generation that lacks male role models. The family has broken down. These kids aren’t learning character. Where does character come from? It comes from habits that you learn in the family first. That’s the first basic structure that Aristotle once said is the first school of human instruction. It comes from associations that you become part of, where you find your identity—you find role models and other people. That’s how character forms.  

Ben Roethlisberger to Launch Father-Son Retreat in Retirement: 'I'm Living for Jesus'

Ben Roethlisberger, Roethlisberger credits God for his team's recent win

Ben Roethlisberger spent the first four decades of his life becoming one of the greatest quarterbacks in football history while standing firm on a foundation of faith. For his next 40 years, he says, he wants to use his platform to expand God's kingdom, which will include the launch of a father-son retreat near his home.

Surrogacy in the Time of War

A pregnant woman, Adoption is better than surrogacy

In recent years, Ukraine has become “an international surrogacy hub.” In the last few weeks, amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, surrogate mothers across Ukraine have been forced to choose between doing what’s right for themselves and their families, and following the contractual demands of paying “parents” thousands of miles away. Many of these women have refused to move since that would separate them from loved ones in harm’s way. Others fled after the clinics in charge of their pregnancies were forced to shut down.

Five Lessons from 48 Valentines Together

Husband and wife in a smiling embrace

This year my husband Greg and I celebrate our 48th Valentine’s Day as a married couple. After being married that long, you realize that neither you nor your husband are the same people you were initially. For a marriage to grow strong and healthy, each person has to change to meet the other’s needs. Doing this is not easy, but here are five lessons that have helped me over the better part of the past five decades:

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