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10 Things Christians Should Know about Immigration

<p>Hot, dusty episodes of forensic dramas had shown me desperate families crossing the U.S.-Mexico border along with gang members and drug cartels. But the factors that influence international migration worldwide are many, and the reasons undocumented immigrants are present in the States can be as unique as the individuals themselves. </p> <p> <span style="font-size:10px;">Photo Courtesy: Max Ostrozhinskiy/Unsplash</span></p>

Focus on the Family Breaks Silence on Immigration Crisis

This Father’s Day weekend, along with posting throwback photos with dad, the nation was busy posting views on a recent crisis. Stories and statements about the U.S. policy to separate immigrant families illegally crossing the southern border flooded social media and other online platforms. The nation noticed not only the voices of those Christian groups, but also the silence of one group in particular – Focus on the Family (FON). The silence was broken yesterday when Jim Daley, President of FON, posted: “Thoughts on the Border Crisis” on his blog.

Cruz Introduces Bill to Solve Separation of Children from Illegal Immigrants

<p>Texas Senator Ted Cruz says he will introduce <a href="">emergency legislation</a> that would immediately end the separation of families at the border.</p> <p>“All Americans are rightly horrified by the images we are seeing on the news, children in tears pulled away from their mothers and fathers. This must stop,” Cruz said in a statement.</p> <p>The announcement comes after Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a directive to separate the children from their parents if they are caught illegally trying to enter the United States. Reports have said thousands of children have been taken from their parents because of the directive.</p>

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