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5 Ways to Be Prepared for the End Times

5 Ways to Be Prepared for the End Times

When I was growing up, I had a friend down the street whose mother loved puzzles. Really big, complicated puzzles with very small pieces. Watching the process, I learned that a puzzle master must consult the picture on the top of the box as the template for the final product. 

The same is true of the end- time prophetic puzzle. The end- time picture set forth in Scripture is the picture on top of the box. When all the pieces are finally in place, that’s what it will look like. As we look at our world today, events are beginning to closely match the picture on the puzzle box. All the puzzle pieces aren’t in place, but the corners and edges have taken form. The framework is set. The center of the puzzle is ready to be filled in.

Israel is back in her ancient homeland after almost two thousand years of dispersion. Russia is rising. Iran is increasing. Russia and Iran are allied for the first time in history. Turkey is turning to Russia and Iran. Russia and Iran are positioned in Syria on Israel’s northern doorstep. Anti- Semitism is surging. The Middle East, the biblical staging ground for the end times, is the focus of the world’s attention. 

This raises a critical question: How should we live in light of what’s unfolding in our world? In light of what lies ahead? What should we do? 

While there are many practical implications of knowing what’s coming, let me suggest five simple, practical points of application for you to make part of your thinking and living that will make a difference in your life today.

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We Know How to Survive, and Have Faith, in Apocalyptic Times

We Know How to Survive, and Have Faith, in Apocalyptic Times

As entertaining as those stories are, apocalyptic times are rather less entertaining to live through. None of us wants to be an extra in a reboot of “Outbreak” or “Contagion,” and yet that’s where we seem to be right now.

Rather than add to our panic, there’s something about the strange familiarity of this time that should help us endure and survive it. We know this story. We’ve played it out a hundred times in books and films. And just as children learn through earnest play, we should know from those tellings what’s needed to get through this.

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