end times

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We Know How to Survive, and Have Faith, in Apocalyptic Times

As entertaining as those stories are, apocalyptic times are rather less entertaining to live through. None of us wants to be an extra in a reboot of “Outbreak” or “Contagion,” and yet that’s where we seem to be right now.

Rather than add to our panic, there’s something about the strange familiarity of this time that should help us endure and survive it. We know this story. We’ve played it out a hundred times in books and films. And just as children learn through earnest play, we should know from those tellings what’s needed to get through this.

5 Christian Leaders' Views on the Coronavirus and the End Times

Is the coronavirus pandemic a sign of the End Times?

What might God be telling us?

How should Christians react to the virus’ rapid spread and the worldwide economic crisis?

Here are what five prominent Christian leaders in recent weeks have said about the correlation between the coronavirus, the End Times and God’s Word.

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Pastor David Jeremiah Argues COVID-19 Is 'Probably' Not a Sign of the End Times

While many of his colleagues seem sure that the COVID-19 pandemic is a sign of the end times, Pastor David Jeremiah is not ready to commit to that idea. In his sermon on Sunday, Jeremiah argued that while he cannot say for certain if the outbreak is or is not a warning sign of the second coming, he does think the pandemic does not perfectly match up with biblical prophecy and, therefore, is "probably" not a sign of Jesus' return.

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