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What Happens When the Church Leaves the Building

This is perhaps the best opportunity for paradigm change we’ve seen in our lifetimes. Christians can no longer sit back and relax passively as we enjoy our worship services and small groups.

For 20 years, something called the missional conversation has called on the church to leave the building, move away from a customer-service mindset and not focus on consumers of religious goods and services.

In two weeks, this virus did what two decades of books, blogs and podcasts could not. The church has left the building, and God is at work.

'People Are Coming to Us Saying, I Need Hope': Fighting on the Front Lines of Spiritual Awakening

What can Christians uniquely do to serve our world and our Lord in these critical days? 

I believe that this unprecedented crisis presents the most unprecedented opportunity for spiritual awakening in my lifetime. As with the Civil War and World War II, the fact of mortality is more obvious for more of us than ever before. A deadly disease that anyone can get is a deadly disease everyone can get.

Could it be that God would redeem this global medical outbreak by using it to spark a global spiritual outbreak? Could he be calling his people to the front lines of this spiritual battle?

Tactics for Discussing Your Christian Convictions

According to Koukl, “representing Christ in any era requires three skills.” First, we need a “basic knowledge necessary for the task.” Second, “Our knowledge must be tempered with the wisdom that makes our message clear and persuasive.” Finally, we must not forget that this knowledge and wisdom “are packaged in a Person.”

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