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The Real Reason Behind the Boy Scouts' Decline and What's Next

A few weeks ago, the Boy Scouts of America announced the removal of the word “boy” from the name of its flagship program. 

The Untold Story of How Tolkien's Faith Transformed C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien had their first run-in in 1936, at an English tea with fellow Oxford faculty.

Are State Laws Overstepping Parental Rights in Colorado?

Last month, the governor of Colorado signed a bill into law that legally requires teachers to call children whatever they want to be called, regardless of their legal name and without parental permission. 

How Churches Can Find Biblical Hope in the Face of Cultural Chaos

Each year, the Colson Fellows program equips Christians from various places, callings, and ages, to think and live with the clarity, confidence, and courage of a Christian worldview.

Solzhenitsyn's Harvard Speech Is a Modern Wake-Up Call for Our Culture

Though most commencement speeches are things worthy of forgetting, in June of 1978, at Harvard University, America heard the prophetic voice of renowned Soviet dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. 

Why Believers are Outpacing Secular Peers in Parenthood

Once upon a time, married couples having children was the norm, an expected stage in life most people shared. Now, it is often treated as an exception—an individualistic consumer choice undertaken only by those with independent means and lots of free time.  

Francis Schaeffer's Lasting Impact on Modern Christianity 40 Years after His Death

Schaeffer demonstrated that “charity and clarity” must go together. His deep compassion for people and firm conviction in truth has left an enduring legacy. May we follow his example.  

Discover How God Continuously Sustains the World He Created

God never tires of creating or sustaining his creation because he delights in it.

How a Mother’s Faith Rescued Her Son and Changed the World

Years ago, in honor of Mother’s Day, the late Chuck Colson described the devotion, love, and faith of Monica, the mother of St. Augustine.  

Why 'Deconstruction' Might Be the Most Misused Word in Christianity Today

Deconstruction is about tearing down, opposing, and moving away from rather than towards anything or, for that matter, Anyone. At stake is whether we live in a world where it is possible to truly know truth and its Author, or not. 

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