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Harriet Beecher Stowe and a Book That Changed the World

Prominent abolitionist Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote 30 books, including novels, travel memoirs, and collections of articles and letters during her life. As important as she was as an author, she was equally famous for her public stands on the important social issues of the day, from slavery to women’s rights. Her courageous life is a profound example of someone using their calling to engage the world around them. By obeying God’s calling on her life, using her God-given talent in the time and place in which He called her, she changed her world and continues to influence ours. May we also have the courage to do the same with our own skills in this cultural moment.

The Disparity Antiracists Don't Talk About

Disparities can have multiple factors. In the case of the high number of abortions of black babies, as we’ve shared on Breakpoint before, almost 80% of Planned Parenthood’s clinics, according to a 2012 study, were near majority black or Hispanic neighborhoods. Pro-abortion advocates argue that the racial disparity for abortion is more about poverty. Perhaps, for example, the mother couldn’t afford to care for another baby. According to Jason Riley in the Wall Street Journal, however, this argument fails to explain why the abortion numbers among Hispanics who are impoverished are not comparable.

Coach Kennedy Shows What Religious Liberty Is

When religion is seen as non-essential, religious freedom is limited to “religious” activities like private prayer, church attendance, and personal piety. At the same time, “secular” is wrongfully thought of as “neutral” or “unbiased.” Faith is reduced to a hobby, and a highly idiosyncratic one at that. Spiritually inspired convictions must be kept safely within church, synagogue, and mosque walls, and out of the government and schools. This, however, is not religious liberty. 

Embodying God's Story in This Cultural Moment

We didn’t choose to be in this cultural moment, or to face the challenges it presents. Our time and our place in history are chosen by God. Our moment in history is not an accidental context in which we try to follow Jesus. It’s actually part of the calling to follow Jesus. He invites us into His life and to join in the advance of His kingdom and His story right now.

The End of Roe: A New Chapter in Defending Life

The ruling overturning Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey doesn’t end abortion in America, nor does it legally ban abortion. It means that state-level restrictions on abortion are not immediately invalidated by Supreme Court decisions that even honest pro-abortion legal theorists have recognized as poorly decided. It means that the work to see abortion swept into the same dustbin as other historic evils can now proceed legally unencumbered as it has long been.

An Activist Kids' Book Worth Giving

Kids deserve better books than the ones currently being written for them. Too many children’s books today are activist books, not really written to kids (and certainly not for them) but for grown-ups who want to be the kind of parents who would give this kind of book to their kids. I must admit, however, that I recently received an “activist” kid book that I really like, and so does my kid. Here is what you should know about the children's book Pro-Life Kids.

Another Win for Freedom of Religious Institutions

The Court has been more than clear on the rights of religious institutions. That, however, did not stop the state of Maine from continuing to discriminate against religious schools in their state funding program. Once again, the Court and its Chief Justice John Roberts have been crystal clear: The state need not, and indeed must not, sacrifice the Free Exercise clause on the altar of the Establishment clause.

What Is a Woman Shows Why We Must Protect Kids

Matt Walsh’s new documentary, What Is a Woman? asks academics, pediatricians and politicians who promote transgender ideology to define their terms. The result is a documentary that is engaging, depressing and infuriating. In the end, Walsh demonstrates how bankrupt and damaging transgender ideology is and how even its most vocal supporters cannot prove otherwise.

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