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Anti-Semitism, the Oldest Hatred

Though anti-Semitism often doesn’t receive the attention or the unanimous condemnation that other forms of racism do, the Anti-Defamation League reported 2,100 incidents of assault, vandalism, violence or harassment against Jewish people in America in 2019. That’s the highest number reported since they started keeping track in 1979.

Kids in school wearing masks, How Christian schools can step up amid uncertainty over the upcoming school year

Many parents are saying that online school as it is now, is not working. Many are stuck juggling their own work-from-home jobs with their kids’ school needs. While some health and government officials warn that a return to five-day-a-week in-person school in the fall will be too risky, the Secretary of Education is pushing for reopening schools nationwide. It’s a high-stakes Catch-22.

This is the time for good-old-fashioned Christian innovation in education.

Planned Parenthood Should Cancel More Than Margaret Sanger

Removing Margaret Sanger’s name from a building in New York only actually means something in a time like ours, of low-stakes, symbolic gestures like erasing a name or disinviting a controversial speaker to a university. It’s the very definition of virtue signaling, a word I hate but which aptly describes what Planned Parenthood is doing here: “canceling” Margaret Sanger while still perpetuating the exact racist population control for which she is being canceled.

The Truth about Masks, Public Worship Services, and Conspiracy Theories

Historians will look back on 2020 as another pivotal year in the struggle for racial equality. This time, however, we are also battling the worst pandemic in a century and the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, all during a presidential election year. In these days, I am convinced that God is calling his people to step into cultural leadership that speaks courageous truth in the character of Christ.

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