How to Spot Bias in the News

Folded newspapers in a row, USA Today editor is fired

Bias in the news media is only going to grow more pronounced in the coming years. Rather than spending our time decrying it, we should learn how to spot it and how to learn from it. As followers of Jesus, understanding the bias of the world around us not only helps us better understand the news that we see each day, but it also helps us gain a better understanding of the people we are trying to reach.


Evolution Evangelists Skirt Evidence, Commemorate Darwin's Descent of Man

Evolution of man

When asked how we can know that the current evolutionary narrative is true, scientist explainers quickly point to the fossil record and our nearest animal relatives, the great apes. However, as a recent study in the journal Science points out, the actual physical evidence for what the late philosopher Michael Stove has called “fables of evolution” is in scant supply.

We Must Remember to Guard Our Hearts

woman outside

As a society, we guard what we perceive to be of great value. King Solomon knew something about guarding valuable things. After all, he was one of the wealthiest kings who ever lived. According to the biblical account in 1 Kings 10:27a, “The king made silver as common in Jerusalem as stones.” And yet, look at Solomon’s surprising advice: “Above all else, guard your heart.”


The Latest on the Conflict in Israel and Four Biblical Responses

Bombs going off in Israel, The latest on the Israel-Hamas conflict

Of the nine million people who live in Israel, two million are Arab. Most Jews and Arabs in Israel have learned to live peaceably as neighbors since the State of Israel was founded in 1948. However, the country is now experiencing the worst internal Jewish-Arab conflicts since the last Intifada (“uprising”) in 2000. Here is how Christians can intercede biblically in these tragic days.

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