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A woman crying, why would a loving God allow suffering

Many are questioning why a loving God would allow suffering. If he is so powerful, then why can’t he put an end to the virus? The truth is, we may never get the answers to these questions this side of eternity. But we can be comforted by the fact that our God isn’t just cognizant of our suffering. He suffers with us.

The word racism written on a blackboard, Praying for an end to racism for Pentecost

God hates racism. He hates prejudice. He hates it when we discriminate against each other. His word demands that we see each other as he sees us: children of the same Father (Genesis 1:28), members of the same human race (Genesis 3:20; Acts 17:26), each of us equally valuable in the eyes of our Lord (Galatians 3:28).

Coronavirus illustration

When we’re fearful we don't think properly. Our decisions can be damaging or even deadly. Panicking won’t solve our present situation; it just creates more distress. Fear is a feeling, but afraid is a choice. We can recognize this situation is challenging, but we need to focus on a faith-filled response.

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