Does Supporting President Trump Hurt the Gospel?

Does Supporting President Trump Hurt the Gospel?

A faction fueling confusion amid the election is the group who says that Christians who support President Trump are hurting the gospel. I recently spent time with Christians who take this position. Though I left that meeting with a better understanding of how people feel, I was more convinced than ever of the dangers of allowing our feelings to outweigh objective truth.

Religious Freedom Isn't Hypothetical, Federal Judge Tells Washington State

A grandma and a toddler, Federal Judge Tells Washington State that Religious Freedom Isn’t Hypothetical

Last week, federal court judge Salvador Mendoza, an Obama appointee, blocked the state of Washington from automatically banning those with religiously based objections to department policy from becoming foster parents.

The department’s policies, wrote Mendoza, only burdens “potential caregivers with sincere religious beliefs,” since those with religious beliefs are likely to object to the policy.  Even more, these policies probably “favor certain secular viewpoints over certain religious viewpoints,” which is also a violation of religious liberties.

Intelligent Design Passes Peer Review: Life Is Fine-Tuned

A DNA strand, scientist share evidence for creationism

In a new analysis, scienists ask a simple question: Can we detect “fine-tuning” in biology as we can in physics? In answering this question the scientists found for the first time, a statistical framework for determining whether certain features in living things are fine-tuned or were “evolve-able.” Using this method, they demonstrate how functional proteins, cellular networks, and the biochemical machines found in cells exhibit evidence of “design.”

How Augustine, Solzhenitsyn, O’Connor, and MLK Confronted the Cultural Chaos of Their Day

How Augustine, Solzhenitsyn, O’Connor, and MLK Confronted the Cultural Chaos of Their Day

Our next Colson Center Short Course looks at four Christians -- the great Church Father St. Augustine of Hippo, Russian dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the novelist Flannery O’Connor, and Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr -- each of whom navigated through difficult cultural events. The course is titled “How Four Christians from History Confronted Cultural Chaos,” and begins next Tuesday, October 20th, and continues each Tuesday (except for election night) through November 17th.

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