The Real Harm of Transgender Ideology

A wooden block showing half of a male and female figure, the real harm of the transgender ideology

The awful truth is that the current practices of transgender treatment in medicine cause harm. In his book When Harry Became Sally, Ryan T. Anderson argues that between eighty to ninety percent of children who say they are transgender eventually abandon those feelings by late adolescence. However, many adolescents are immediately encouraged by the cultural voices and even trusted adults to do real, irreversible damage to their minds and bodies. This is why Christians must remember that love for our neighbors, especially the most vulnerable ones, demands telling the truth.

'Pro-Choice' to 'Pro-Abortion'

'Pro-Choice' to 'Pro-Abortion'

All of the Anti-Choice and Anti-Abortion language served a rhetorical purpose for supporters of legal abortion. To avoid an unhelpful rhetorical tit-for-tat and maintain focus on the morality of abortion, the Colson Center and BreakPoint typically use the labels of “Pro-Choice” or “abortion advocates.” In recent years, however, the rhetoric of many in the abortion movement has changed, focusing less and less on choice or on portraying abortion as an unfortunate but sometimes tragically necessary decision. Instead, abortion is portrayed as a positive good, something to be celebrated and maybe even cheered.

Why Every Engaged Citizen Should Read Presidential Biographies

a man reading, why we should all read presidential biographies

A good goal for engaged citizens would be to read a biography of all of the major U.S. presidents and one on a couple of the more obscure presidents. By major presidents, I refer to those who have an exalted place in American History because of the importance of their contributions and because of the extraordinary times in which they lived.

What BreakPoint Is All About

Folded newspapers in a row, USA Today editor is fired

To be clear, we’re not a news organization. That’s not what we do. Other organizations are set up to keep us informed about what’s going on in the world. Strictly speaking, our mission at BreakPoint is not even to tell people what to think about news stories. If the only outcome of BreakPoint is a group of people repeating what we’ve said, then we’ve failed. Our goal is to help guide people in how to think about the world and their place in it.

We Must Stop Using Mortality to Empower Us for Eternal Purposes

a man looking up to the heavens, we must stop using our mortality to empower for eternal power

Let’s reframe our mortality by using it to empower us for eternal purposes. Let’s seize every day as God’s gift to be employed for his glory and the good of others. Let’s love our Lord and our neighbor with passion and service (Mark 12:30-31). If we do, we’ll experience the transforming presence of Christ and the abundant life he alone can give (John 10:10).

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