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10 Quotes about the Bible from Influential Christians

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For Christians, the Bible is much more than a simple book of faith. It’s a record of history, a collection of poetry, verses of proverbs, and a testament to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is quite literally the inspired word of God.

Scripture was designed to speak to the heart of humanity, radically changing us from the inside out. Over the years, a number of influential Christians have shared their reflections on the Bible and how we, as believers, can better approach the gospel with open hearts. If you’re searching for a way to better understand the place of scripture in your Christian walk, you may find guidance in one of these 10 profound quotes.

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Pro-Life Democrat Slams Party As 'Extreme' on Abortion: 'There Are Many Pro-Life Democrats'

Pro-life vs pro-choice, Writer say the term pro-life is racist and calls for its abolition

A Democratic state representative from Connecticut is criticizing her own party's platform on abortion as "extreme," saying pro-life Democrats like her are being shunned. Connecticut state Rep. Trenee McGee, a Democrat who represents New Haven and West Haven and was elected last year, said on the latest episode of The Church Politics Podcast that "there are many pro-life Democrats" nationwide that have been "pushed out" by the party.

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