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Don’t Confuse Military Action with the Mission of God

U.S. Military person saluting the flag, Don't confuse military action with the mission of God

Let me be clear: It is never appropriate to take the mission of God in Scripture and apply it to the American military, the American dream or the American way of life. They are not interchangeable. The kingdom of God and earthly kingdoms are not one and the same, nor does the kingdom of God depend on the success of earthly governments, movements, campaigns or wars.

How Should We Address America's Faults?

prayers for our nation

The United States has not always lived up to the beautiful sentiments of equality expressed in its founding documents. That many Americans owned slaves went against the ideals that we express. The Trail of Tears, Jim Crow laws, Japanese internment, and a host of other policies have treated people like they are less than what the Declaration says they are. The United States has often failed to live up to its self-evident truths. Yet, in many ways, the American story is the tale of a nation learning to be what it says it is.

A True Constitutional Crisis: Who Is Really Bonkers?

An American flag, A True Constitutional Crisis

Americans cherish what most of the world craves: civil protection that allows the individual to flourish under a government that can only exist by the consent of the governed. So, when the President of the United States declared on Thursday, 8 April 2021 that, "No amendment to the Constitution is absolute," his remarks, without explanation, sent a chilling message to many Americans.

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