The Importance of Trusting God

The Importance of Trusting God

If we are going to trust our lives and our eternities to the God of the Bible, how can we know that he keeps these promises? Comparing current Bibles to ancient manuscripts shows that the Bibles we have today are remarkably accurate. Evidence from archaeology and fulfilled prophecy substantiates biblical truth claims. Contemporary stories of lives transformed by God’s presence and power demonstrate his continuing relevance to our world.

The Simulation Hypothesis: A Materialist Spirituality?

a person wearing a VR headset, the simulation hypothesis

It’s telling how often advocates of the simulation hypothesis, the idea that we are all living in a simulation, utilize religious and spiritual language. Having reduced themselves to computer programs, they still speak of transcendence, resurrection, morality, and eternal life. Sometimes they talk of our supposed programmers in a way that sounds an awful lot like worship. In the end, maybe the best evidence against this bizarre and complicated version of materialism is that those who use it cannot resist simulating spiritual reality, even while attempting to explain it away.

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