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Religious Liberty: A US Birthright for Conservatives and Progressives Alike

As Americans pause on July 4 to celebrate the anniversary of their independence, the world’s oldest democracy should take stock of its ongoing debates over religious freedom. A cornerstone of the Bill of Rights, the First Amendment’s guarantee against coercion in matters of belief and conscience is an American birthright and a gift to everyone.

7 Things You Should Know about the Supreme Court Christian School Case

The Supreme Court has had a busy session and has made a number of historic rulings in just the last week. On June 26th the Supreme Court handed down its ruling in one of the most important religious freedom cases of the year. The case involved a church daycare/school and whether it was lawful for the daycare to receive taxpayer money since it was part of a church. The Supreme Court ruled today that it is lawful for the daycare to continue to receive taxpayer funding and that this does not violate the separation of church and state. Here are more details on what you should know about the case and the Court’s decision.<p><p>Photo courtesy: Religion News Service

5 Facts About President Trump’s Executive Order on Religious Liberty

On Thursday President Trump signed an executive order on “Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty.” While some Christians praised the order, others expressed disappointment that it did not go far enough in protecting religious liberty. Here are five facts you should know about the order, so you can decide for yourself if this promises to be an effective way to protect a fundamental American freedom.<p><p>Photo courtesy: ©Thinkstock/Arrangements-Photography<p><p>

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