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5 Faith Facts about Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State Nominee

Mike Pompeo, a Republican congressman from Kansas before he took the helm of the CIA in 2017, is President Trump’s nominee now for secretary of state. But Pompeo’s fitness for the office has been called into question over statements he has made and legislation he has sponsored, to the point that some wonder whether the Senate will confirm the former Army officer and Harvard Law School graduate.

Much of what senators and religious groups have called into question about Pompeo is tied to his abiding and conservative faith. So where is all this religious controversy coming from? Here are five faith facts about Pompeo:

5 Trump Cabinet Members and Their Christian Faith

President Donald Trump's cabinet has been a bit rocky lately, what with recent hirings and firings, but several of those who have stayed with the administration are people of faith.

Of these cabinet members, some are supported or opposed by different faith groups; others have made public statements or taken actions regarding different faith groups.

Here is a list of four of Trump's cabinet members and a description of their relationship to religion.

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