Donald Trump

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President Trump Claims American Warship Shot Down Iranian Drone over the Strait of Hormuz

An American amphibious attack ship shot down an Iranian drone over international waters in the Strait of Hormuz. President Trump announced the incident Thursday and said it in self-defense after the drone came within 1,000 yards of the USS Boxer and ignored calls to turn around. According to the Associated Press, Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said the drone “closed within a threatening range” before the Boxer shot it down.

House Passes Resolution Condemning President Trump's Tweets against 'Progressive Democrat Congresswomen'

President Donald Trump is lauding Republican unity after a House resolution condemning tweets alleged to be racist passed along party lines, while Democrats are quietly claiming the so-called “Squad” of four played right into the President’s hands. One lawmaker went so far as to say defending the squad in light of their own behavior “makes people’s skin crawl.”

President Trump’s Tweets and Critics: Four Categories and a Biblical Response

President Trump’s tweets and statements about four Democratic congresswomen have been dominating the news this week.

Critics are decrying his rhetoric as racist. Several Republicans joined a wide range of Democrats in criticizing the president’s comments. Democrats in the House of Representatives (joined by four Republicans and one Independent) passed a resolution yesterday condemning his statements. Historian Jon Meacham claimed that Mr. Trump is the most racist president since Andrew Johnson.

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