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Another COVID Surge, Same Question: Are We Prepared?

Another COVID Surge, Same Question: Are We Prepared?

With medical decisions becoming increasingly financially charged and the popularity of euthanasia continuing to rise, Christians everywhere should be thinking about medical ethics, joining hospital ethics boards, running for office, and becoming health care workers. And every Christian should embrace our God-given and culturally-escalated task, in this crisis and beyond, of bearing witness to certain eternal truths: that every human being has inherent dignity and value, and no one should ever be sacrificed on the altar of "efficiency."

Why the Idea of Human Exceptionalism Ruffles Feathers

A crow on a rock, why the idea of human exceptionalism ruffles feathers

Scientists who assume that human exceptionalism is a religious hang-up will see any animal spotted resembling human behavior as evidence that there’s nothing exceptional about humans. This same commitment to disproving human exceptionalism is also at work in the search for extraterrestrial life. The view that best corresponds to reality is the Biblical view, described by the audacious proclamation of Psalm 8, that humans were created “little less than God ... and crown[ed] with glory and honor,” and the audacious job description described in Genesis, that humans have “dominion” over all creation, including the “birds of the air.”

Evangelical Leaders Seek to 'Take the High Road,' Stress Agreement as Election Looms

Man signing a letter, Evangelical leaders sign an statement urging other evangelicals to be kind and take the high road

Ahead of the November Presidential election, leaders of the National Association of Evangelicals signed a statement published in the Washington Post, urging evangleicals to "engage with humility, civility, intellectual rigor and honesty in the complex and contentious social issues that face our nation."

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