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Christian worldview

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Is God Sovereign over Coronavirus?

I thought the world would be watching how the Christian community would handle a divisive election year. That’s not the case – at least not right now. Rather than watching how Christians react to an election cycle, Americans may instead be turning to faith to answer their questions about how to deal with worry, anxiety, fear and even death.

Asia Bibi, the Nigerian Elders, and the Radical Nature of Christian Forgiveness

In a recent interview with the BBC, Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian who spent eight years waiting for execution on a trumped-up charge of blasphemy, recalled her mistreatment. She described how much of sham her “trial” was, and how she was not even allowed to say anything in her own defense. She talked about the pressure she faced to renounce her faith.

And then she said, “I am not angry at all. I have forgiven everyone from my heart. And there is no hardness in me.” 

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