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God's Answer to Your Fear, Worry and Anxiety

We have to be concerned and we have to be diligent – the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a real and serious virus – but we don’t have to panic.

Did you know that the word “worry” comes from the Old English root word, “wyrgan,” which meant “to strangle” or “to choke”?  Worry squeezes the life out of us.

Is God Sovereign over Coronavirus?

I thought the world would be watching how the Christian community would handle a divisive election year. That’s not the case – at least not right now. Rather than watching how Christians react to an election cycle, Americans may instead be turning to faith to answer their questions about how to deal with worry, anxiety, fear and even death.

St. Patrick's Courage and Martin Luther's Hope: How to Make God Our 'Mighty Fortress' Today

Martin and Katharina Luther were spared from the black plague -- which broke out in the 1500s -- but they did not know this when they chose to stay behind to care for the sick of their community. They could risk their lives to serve others because they were not afraid to die. Their hope was in proper procedures and medical treatments, but even more, it was in Christ. They trusted their Lord to protect them in life and to bring them to heaven in death, whenever it came.

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