Rush Limbaugh and Writing in a Winter Storm: How Perspective Can Strengthen Our Faith and Embolden Our Witness

Rush Limbaugh, How Perspective Can Strengthen Our Faith and Embolden Our Witness

Rush Limbaugh died yesterday at the age of seventy. He is being remembered today in ways that align fully with his political and cultural influence. Whether you considered him a vital voice for freedom or a danger to our liberties depended entirely on your perspective. To some he was a hero; to others, a threat.

What no one can question is that he used his influence to advance his vision for our country. 

After the Capitol Riots: Three Questions Everyone Is Asking and a Biblical Path to Empowering Purpose

A man cleaning up following the invasion of the Capitol, A biblical path to empowering purpose

I’d like to write the sermon for you that I would preach this Sunday. I am doing so after spending all day Thursday in radio interviews with stations around the country; the questions I was asked are questions everyone seems to be asking today. I hope my “sermon” will help answer them and offer you a path to empowering purpose.

Unexplained Light: The Darkness Has Not Overcome it

outer space, Unexplained Light

After recently discovering evidence of light in deep space, many scientists were left puzzled and searching for logical answers to what the unexplained glow was. Perhaps, it would be easier to see God in “the heavens” He made, if we weren’t so convinced of our ability to explain everything by purely naturalistic causes or even, as some do, to dismiss all supernatural causes. Maybe our gut instinct to look upward when we encounter the unexplained is the right one. If the heavens indeed “declare the glory of God,” we’d do well to listen.

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