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There's Hope for Charitable Giving in the Midst of COVID-19

We recently fielded a study of American donors who gave at least $20 to charity last year to try and ascertain their intent to give now, during the pandemic, and into the future. According to the new survey, “Donor Confidence Strong in the Face of COVID-19,” 8 out of 10 donors said they intend to keep giving through the pandemic, with 28 percent saying they would even make giving a priority over other expenses.

What Can You Do That You Couldn't Do before the Pandemic?

One of our frustrations with social distancing is that it feels so hard to help those in need. We cannot visit senior adults isolated in nursing homes. It’s hard to volunteer at food banks or rescue missions when we’re not allowed out of our homes.

But Christians must not let these restrictions become excuses. Instead, we who believe in the sovereignty of God must believe that he has ways to redeem these challenges for his glory and our good.

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