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Dave Ramsey’s Company Pays Off $10 Million in Debt for 8,000 People to ‘Show the Love of Jesus’

Dave Ramsey

Christian financial expert Dave Ramsey's company, Ramsey Solutions, has bought and paid $10 million in debt for 8,000 people. Ramsey said in a video, “this year has been one of the hardest years for some of you. People have struggled financially in ways they never had before. And that's why we wanted to take this opportunity to show the love of Jesus."

A Free Market Works Not Because Wealth Is Valued, But Because Labor Is.

cupped hands giving coins seedling

A free market works not because wealth is valued, but because labor is. Jesus said we can’t serve both God and money and that it’s more difficult for the wealthy to enter the kingdom of God. Jesus never said accumulating wealth itself is sinful. Exploitation of the poor is sinful. Looking to wealth for salvation and meaning is sinful. Failing to steward what we’ve been given and failing to care for those in need are sinful. When these potential downfalls are mitigated or avoided, a free market inspires people to give more.

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