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Petri dish, scientists in Israel think they've isolated a key antibody in the race to create a coronavirus vaccine

One problem with the sperm donation industry is that it dehumanizes men and children. The God-given ability to procreate is transformed into a crude financial transaction. As is the case with egg donation, the way the “product” is marketed dehumanizes image-bearers, reducing them to a list of so-called “desirable qualities, such as height, hair color; supposed athletic ability, or where they went to college. This isn’t some “enlightened” new way to make a modern family. It’s re-branded eugenics.

"Absolute Chaos in Downtown Chicago": Why a "Theology Of Exile" Is Empowering for Christians Today

In a recent interview, Kim Weir asked me to address the discouragement so many evangelicals feel with the moral trajectory of our culture. As she knows, it is tempting to withdraw from the world, to stop caring about people who don’t seem to care about us or our biblical convictions.

But this is precisely the wrong way for believers to respond to the issues of our day.