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Photo of Father Sleeping on Hospital Floor Goes Viral: The Path from Sincerity to Spiritual Transformation

Photo of Father Sleeping on Hospital Floor Goes Viral: The Path from Sincerity to Spiritual Transformation

In our culture, sincerity is enough. If England's prime minister sincerely believes he is a Christian (albeit a “very, very bad” one as he recently said), he must be a Christian. Sincerity has replaced truth in our culture. Why won’t this work? One answer is logical: Our postmodern, relativistic culture rejects the existence of absolute truth, which is an absolute truth claim.

Clarity, Confidence, and Courage for Confusing Times

Clarity, Confidence, and Courage for Confusing Times

There are certain moments in history when it’s obvious how much the cultural ground has shifted. Cultural norms that worked before to foster social cohesion no longer suffice. Certain ideas and shared ways of thinking can no longer be taken for granted. At these “hinge points,” Christians are forced to remember who we are and to rethink our place in the overarching story of redemption. This is one of those hinge points.

Four Biblical Steps to Living with Character God Can Bless

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Promoting God’s version of sexual morality is not the puritanical imposition of outdated legalism—it is showing people how to live their best lives. Imagine for a moment the difference in our culture if every person followed God’s plan for sex. Consider the difference this would make for divorce and broken homes, children born outside of marriage, and babies lost to abortion.

Jesus Is Inviting You

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One of the most important effects of embracing a deliberate, self-conscious Christian worldview, and losing the sacred-secular distinction so many Christians have absorbed from the world around us, is seeing the depth, the breadth, and the width of the Lordship of Jesus Christ in every sphere of life. Once we see life this way, our understanding of serving Jesus is radically re-shaped in light of the unassailable, undefeatable, and advancing Kingdom of God.

Four Temptations and an Amazing Story of Courage and Faith

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In recent days, I’ve been asking myself why the crisis of Christian leadership is so acute in our day. Is it that our 24/7 news and social media platforms make it easier to report and read about clergy abuse? Is it that a hostile culture and media amplify every story of clergy failure to reinforce their agenda for replacing Christianity with their secular ideology? Undoubtedly these are part of the answer. But I’m convinced that there’s a deeper story at work in our day, one that affects and can infect every Christian in our culture, myself included.

Everyone Is a Culture Warrior. Some Admit It

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Too often, we willingly disobey the command to both love our neighbor as ourselves and to speak well of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Too often, we pretend as if the encouragements toward kindness and civility in Scripture are suggestions rather than commands. Still, we suffer from the myth that we can live in a fallen world and not see our faith conflict at all with prevailing ideas of the age.