Why Are Muslims Leaving Islam?

Rami Dabbas | ChristianHeadlines.com Columnist | Thursday, July 8, 2021
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Why Are Muslims Leaving Islam?

It is no secret to anyone in the Arab and Islamic world that there is a steady increase in the phenomenon of leaving Islam, especially among the youth. This was evident in Sheikh Ahmed Karima's crying over the state of Islam, live on television networks and in front of millions.

Kuwaiti actress Basma's abandonment of Islam and her conversion to Judaism in the past months came as a violent shock to many Muslims. What compounded the shock effect of these people was that this came shortly after Kuwaiti broadcaster Muhammad al-Mu'min announced his abandonment of the Islamic religion and his conversion to Christianity.

Whether or not the exact number of those who left Islam is known within the Islamic world due to the existence of rules against apostasy in many Arab countries, which hinders the announcement of abandoning Islam, the existence of the matter and its increase has become a clear phenomenon before everyone and deserves study and understanding.

With a simple analysis of this phenomenon, we find that there are many reasons or factors that led to the spread – or as some see it, exacerbation – of the phenomenon of abandoning Islam in the Arab and Islamic world.

Among these factors are the following:

Islamic clerics’ Inability to Provide Appropriate Responses to the Issues Contradictory to Human Conscience 

The inability of Islamic clerics to find an “appropriate and logical response” to the thorny religious issues that contradict human civilization and the human conscience, such as permitting women’s beating, accepting the captivity of women in wars, and declaring jihad against other peoples. Islamic clerics instead present the three known options to Non-Muslims: subscribe to Islam, pay Jizyia or be killed.

Political Islam failed to bring prosperity to the people it controlled

From the Taliban in Afghanistan and ISIS in Iraq and Syria to the shebab organization in Somalia and other extremist Islamic movements, people have seen nothing but misery, destruction, poverty and destitution, before whom the idea that “Islam is the solution” espoused by the Muslim Brotherhood in the last century collapsed.

The failure of the phenomenon of "Islamic revival" to improve people's morals.

Following the Islamic revival, which spread in the late seventies, people saw increased rates of harassment of women in the streets, increased use of obscene and offensive words, and the collapse of many societal values such as honesty, loyalty and sincerity.

The collapse of the image of religious Islamists 

The image of religious Islamists collapsed after they used the dirtiest and most base obscenities against those who disagree with them in thought. No one forgets Sheikh “Wajdi Ghoneim,” who uses the dirtiest insults that a person can imagine in his dealings with others. It is difficult and even impossible to mention these words in the article due to the severity of their decadence.

The use of the Internet to uncover atrocities within the religion

The development of the Internet and social networks has led to the spread of the atrocities of the so-called Islamic heritage books, such as “Breastfeeding the Adult”, “Marriage of Young Girls”, the bloody “Islamic Caliphate” and other atrocities that completely contradict the clerics’ attempt to convince the world that Islam is the greatest civilized religion on the face of the Earth.

The spread of terrorism in many Islamic countries 

Seeing the ugliness of terrorism in many Islamic countries as its influence spreads and witnessing Radical Muslim groups and others justify violence and brutality by using hadiths to "Mohammed Prophet of Islam" has caused many to walk away from Islam.

The Limit of Apostasy weakens the Religion

Some people feel the “limit of apostasy” highlights the weakness of the Islamic religion. The limit of apostasy that results in killing the apostate indicates the inability of the religion to use logic to persuade others to join the religion and, therefore, causes its followers to resort to violence and murder to compensate for the religion’s weakness.

The insistence of Islamic clerics to adhere to stories and hadiths that distort Islam’s reputation

Islamic clerics insist on adhering to stories that distort Islam’s reputation. One such story tells of the Islamic prophet Muhammad’s marriage to Aisha, a young girl of seven years. Further, some hadiths talk about Muhammad’s enormous sexual ability, which made him able to have intercourse with nine wives in one hour of the day and with one bath, as narrated by hadith books. The insistence of the clergymen to adhere to these hadiths because they came in the book of Al-Bukhari or Sahih Muslim has prompted many to abandon Islam.

Disorder and contradiction of religious concepts in Islam.

Contradictions in religious laws and concepts have also caused many people to leave Islam. A woman driving used to be “haram” for some clergymen. Now, however, it has become lawful for the same sheiks. A woman also used to be unable to leave her husband if he did not divorce her, but now a woman can divorce a man.

This confusion in the concepts of religion has caused a great shock to many people, so what they think is permissible today may become forbidden tomorrow and vice versa! They almost ask, "Where then is the true religion if its laws change so easily? Where is the truth?"

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Rami Dabbas is a political activist and writer who has contributed to several media outlets. He is a pro-Israel advocate and human rights activist fighting against sharia law, radical Islamic terrorism and Arab nationalism. He connects with many NGOs and thinks tanks to promote peace with Israel and counter-Jihad organizations. He is a former Muslim who left Islam in 2012 and later became a Christian.