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Former NCIS Star Lucas Black Prioritizes God and Family Over Hollywood Career

Milton Quintanilla | Crosswalk Headlines Contributor | Published: Apr 26, 2024
Former NCIS Star Lucas Black Prioritizes God and Family Over Hollywood Career

Former NCIS Star Lucas Black Prioritizes God and Family Over Hollywood Career

Actor Lucas Black recently shared that he has no regrets about stepping away from NCIS New Orleans in 2019 in order to put his family first. "I chose to step away from 'NCIS New Orleans' because the schedule was long hours and gruesome," Black, the 41-year-old father-of-three, told The Christian Post.

"There was only a short period of time I could sacrifice that time away from my family before I knew it was going to be a problem. So my wife and I discussed that, and we had a plan going into it. There was a time I had to step away because enough was enough."

"As men and husbands and fathers, it's innate in us that we want to provide and protect, and sometimes, those can get in the way of the relationships that mean the most to us. If we're focused too much on our career, usually our relationships with our wives, spouse or kids are going to suffer. I've thought about that in my life. There's got to be some healthy margin in your life."

The actor also likened his story to that of David Smallbone, father to brothers Luke and Joel Smallbone of the Grammy Award-winning Christian band For King and Country, and Rebecca, better known as singer-songwriter Rebecca St. James.

The upcoming film Unsung Hero highlights David's story. In it, he moves his wife and six children—with one on the way—from Australia to Nashville, Tennessee, after his company collapses.

Although David is struggling to make ends meet for his family in America, it is through prayer, coming together as a family, and having the support of their local community that the Smallbone family ultimately finds success in the Christian Music industry.

Black, who has previously starred in the "The Fast and the Furious" franchise and in "Friday Night Lights," also stars in “Unsung Hero” as Jed Alrbight, a local church member who welcomes the Smallbone family into his home in Nashville along with his wife, Kay (Candace Cameron Bure).

“Unsung Hero,” directed by Joel Smallbone and Richard Ramsey, stars Joel Smallbone playing his father, Daisy Betts, Kirrilee Berger, Lady A's Hillary Scott, and "Nashville" star Jonathan Jackson.

"This is a story that Americans are hungry for. We need more wholesome content like this," Black said. "This is a story about family and faith. The Smallbone family, when they came over here, faced adversity. They had to stick together as a family to make ends meet, and they took a leap of faith in doing so. They know that the most important relationships in their lives are, number one, with their heavenly Father, but also their family. This is something that should be told; it honors all the mothers out there. I'm honored to be a part of it."

Ever since he departed from Hollywood, Black told The Christian Post his criteria for choosing projects have changed, especially as a family man and professing Christian./p>

"I'm looking for stories that uplift, encourage, and promote Christian values. They should point people to God and highlight the importance of family. That's why I like Kingdom Story Company — they're producing good, wholesome content, and we need more of that."

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Former NCIS Star Lucas Black Prioritizes God and Family Over Hollywood Career