Questions to Ask the Candidates

A few weeks ago, a friend and listener asked what questions Christians should ask candidates. Because there is no perfect candidate but so many issues, casting an informed vote requires research. Since most of us will never get the opportunity to question presidential candidates (apparently, even if we were moderating the debates), we should be able to know how they might answer the questions based on the statements of public record.

How to Say No to the Sexualization of Children

While the cultural indicators do point, I believe, to the further mainstreaming of pedophilia, a Christian worldview places even the most chaotic and distressing of moments within a larger Story. Christ has risen from the dead. He is Lord. And, He is making all things new. Thus, as Christian philosopher Alvin Pantinga reminds us, whenever we talk of evil, we are talking about a very real foe. But a defeated foe.

Sliding Toward Pedophilia: How the Sexual Revolution Progresses

Growing up in families without married parents, their well-being sacrificed for the sake of adult happiness, the kids have been the primary victims of our sexual experimentation. To cover our tracks, we’ve resorted to indoctrination, attempting to convince them of other myths, such as the idea that biological sex and their physical bodies are fully malleable. Kids today are literally taught to be skeptical of how they were made.

Why the Left Is Attacking Amy Coney Barrett (It’s Not Just Because Trump Nominated Her)

At root, there’s more to this hatred of SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett than the legitimate disagreements and debate inherent to the nomination process. There’s even more to it than being potentially the third appointee of a President despised by so many. The savage incivility already being directed at Barrett can be traced back to Roe v. Wade. As Kim Colby, legal scholar for Christian Legal Society suggested last week on the BreakPoint podcast, the decision to legalize abortion has poisoned our political system and escalated court nominations to literal life and death issues.