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How Chuck Colson Thought Abortion Would End

The story, of how God changed the heart of one of our nation’s most notorious abortionists, is about as dramatic a conversion as Chuck Colson’s was. Yet, it came in the wake of one of the greatest defeats pro-lifers had suffered since the Roe v. Wade decision. Here’s what Chuck wrote, in a commentary entitled “The Ultimate Victory.”

Why Pro-Abortion Activists Are So Committed

Christians believe that to allow the killing of a vulnerable image bearer is to proclaim, among other things, that our bodies have nothing to do with being human, that God doesn’t image himself in our bodies, that God didn’t make us for a purpose, and consequently, that He is not good—which means He is not God. Even so, we should also remember that abortion is a real evil.

Don't Say 'They': Why Pronouns Matter

There are ways to not say something that is not true. We can avoid using nonbinary or opposite-sex pronouns, and instead use names. And, we can use plural pronouns to talk about a group rather than an individual. Still, as Dr. Merriweather’s situation illustrates, these alternatives will not satisfy everyone. And, when there is no choice but to use third person pronouns, the only way to tell the truth is to use the pronouns that align with biology, not ideology.

Is Abortion Healthcare?

During the “Preparing for a Post-Roe World” event at the annual Wilberforce Weekend conference, pro-life speaker, author, and apologist Stephanie Gray Connors responded to various slogans commonly used today to promote abortion. Here’s her response to the statement, “Abortion is healthcare.”

Religious Liberty Is Good for Everyone for Many Reasons

Often, the term religious liberty is cynically thrown around in cultural discourse by those critical of the legal or social arguments for religious liberty. Religious people are accused of being ignorant or selfish, of only caring about their own rights, or of “clinging to their guns and religion.” At the same time, some Christians wrongly talk about religious liberty as if it’s only for Christians, or as if religion should be kept personal, private, and out of the public square. 

These views are somewhere between incomplete and flat-out wrong, misunderstanding what religious liberty is and why it matters.

Judaism and Abortion

Recently, U.S. House Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez stated, “For people who say, ‘I believe it’s a life,’ some people don’t. Our Jewish brothers and sisters, they are able to have an abortion according to their faith!” The central point AOC attempts to make in the video is that because not all religions agree on when life begins, the pro-life movement intends to impose Christian morality on everyone else.

It’s not at all surprising that various religions hold differing views on matters of moral significance. After all, religions don’t agree about whether God exists, who God is. Even so, the consistent reference to Judaism as the counter to “fundamentalist Christianity” led me to wonder whether it is really the case that Judaism supports a woman’s right to abort her child. 

Being Christian When Civilization Collapses

A variety of things and people are being blamed for the growing mass shooting problem in America: access to guns, social isolation, politicians, talk show hosts, authorities, harmful ideas, and more. Behind events this tragic are a number of contributing factors. At the same time, we can no longer think of mass shootings as isolated incidents. They must be understood as indications of social breakdown, along with spiking rates of addiction, overdoses, violent crime, suicide, sexual confusion, and even airplane incidents.