Our Way with Words

Without God, there is no meaning, not in language, or art, or in reality itself. Christians, because our worldview begins not only with God but with a God who communicates, are far more in the prescriptivist camp when it comes to words. While words obviously change over time, as custom and culture ebb and flow, words point beyond other words and random interpretations to true realities. The basis of the world itself is words… God’s words, to be precise.

Remembering 9/11 from a Christian Worldview

In the days after 9-11, Chuck Colson offered an incredible gift to God’s people: A Christian worldview framework for understanding what had happened and a roadmap for Christians to both speak truth and love to their neighbors. Colson warned against out-of-control anger and against seeking revenge instead of justice, in both our personal and national responses.

Is Nation Building Moral?

Politics alone cannot nation-build. Certain ideas about human nature, derived from Christianity, have played an essential role in Western culture. Biblical concepts about the image of God and original sin enabled thinkers to craft a style of government that saw both citizens and the state as dignified and liable to corruption. Without these principles, the democratic project simply cannot endure, as demonstrated by our failed attempts at nation-building around the world.

The Dangerous 'Science' behind Gender Transitioning

A new wave of studies in recent years paints a rosy picture about the benefits of medical transitions for people with gender dysphoria. So much so that, as Paul Dirks recently wrote at Public Discourse, “lifelong experimental medicalization, sterilization, and complete removal of healthy body parts ... is no longer a rarity. It is the recommended treatment for gender dysphoria.”

The Disillusion of Millennial Evangelicals

What if we are seeing the fruit of a generation that was sold endless attempts to make Christ cool and likable, worship relevant and hyper-emotional, and Christian morality more about politics and cultural influence than obedience to God? And what if this generation has now found those experiences elsewhere? What if all of the trendy marketing, political capital, and massive concert experiences inadvertently taught a generation to love the glamour and the feelings, but not Christ?