The Master Designer—the Song: Nothing Comes from Nothing

A popular scientist, podcaster and self-proclaimed devotee of New Atheism was recently asked which scientific suppositions he holds most dear. While he wasn't sure which supposition to pick, he did offer his belief that the world is totally understandable, the idea that we could eventually find every answer to every question through scientific investigation and that there was no Divine intervention or starting point required to explain life.

The Non-Essential Church? - Worldview Lessons from the Coronavirus Pt. 5

Though President Trump recently declared a “National Day of Prayer for All Americans Affected by the Coronavirus,” it’s clear that, as a people, we don’t take seriously God’s place in this world anymore, beyond being a source of personal encouragement and maybe inspiration. We are no longer the kind of people who really turn to God in times of trouble.

The Viral Pandemic of Distrust and Misinformation: Worldview Lessons from the Coronavirus, Part 4

Misleading voices on both the left and the right confidently asserted the virus really wasn’t that bad. More than one conservative talk show host, motivated to keep the President’s wins front and center, compared Covid-19 to the common cold or seasonal flu. And more than a few liberal voices also downplayed the seriousness of COVID-19, apparently hoping to cease an opportunity to portray Trump’s travel restrictions to China as racist or otherwise misguided.