Why I’m Optimistic about Christian Education - No Matter How the Supreme Court Rules

The Washington Post editorial board recently looked into a religious liberty case set to be heard by the Supreme Court and came out on the side of the religious institution at the center of the case. In their statement they found that using scholarships -- which in turn would allow scholarship donors to receive a tax write-off -- at private, religious schools was a parent’s right and using them did not “undermine” or “harm” public education or the state, “contrary to many of the tropes advanced by those opposed to school choice.”

The Problem with (Mis)remembering the Holocaust: The Banality of Evil

On the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, it is important to recognize that there is a very real human tendency to mis-remember the grave evils of history: to imagine that they happened in a different world; to think that those who perpetuated such evil, or those who scandalously remained silent and complicit, were somehow different kinds of people than we are.

Hit Pause on Gene Editing: Time for the Administration to Act

Proponents of Prime Editing talk about the possibility of making “any kind of DNA change that anyone wants at just about any site in the human genome.” Thus, according to Francis Collins, “scientists and leaders around the globe have an obligation to consider the appropriate use — if any — of heritable human gene editing."