When 'Choice' and 'Disability' Collide: How the Eugenics Impulse Advances

Nicole Lee is one of Australia’s leading disability-rights advocates. A spinal cord injury when she was young left Nicole Lee dependent on a wheelchair for mobility. But, as she revealed in a recent article at, accessibility and discrimination aren’t the only challenges women with disabilities face. One of the most daunting challenges, she says, is getting people who talk so loudly about the “right to choose” to actually respect their choices.

The Genesis of Human Dignity: What the World Owes the Bible

In the novel “Bleak House,” Charles Dickens introduces us to Harold Skimpole, a man who seems charming and reasonable but is quickly revealed to be a mooch and a parasite. Skimpole lives comfortably off of his friends. Even worse, he believes he’s entitled to the standard of living his friends provide, giving no thought at all to what it took to make his life comfortable in the first place.

Klopfer’s ‘Garage of Horrors’: What Abortion Looks Like

Last month more than fifty detectives entered the Illinois home of recently deceased abortion doctor Ulrich Klopfer. What they found was sickening: the medically-preserved remains of some 2,246 babies in boxes stored in his garage. And then just last week the remains of another 50 babies were found in the trunk of his Mercedes Benz.