3 Things Martin Luther Can Teach Christians Today about Taking a Stand

Given the chance to recant his views in 1521, Martin Luther refused and was excommunicated. This only drove Luther to further develop his theology, which was based on the idea of justification by faith alone, and to call more loudly for the nobles and people of Germany to oppose corruption in the Church.

Passing on a Christian Worldview to Kids Includes Immunizing Them from Bad Ideas

Many young people today leave the faith because they lack the necessary immunity from the bad ideas of our culture. Christian parents must not only present the truth to their kids, they must find ways to immunize them against lies.

On Trans Pronouns: True Love Requires True Language

Christians should avoid unnecessary offense whenever possible, and we should know that calling males 'men' and females 'women' will not resolve the thorny challenge of transgender ideology. Still, caving on words will destroy our ability to understand and undermine our ability to debate the issue truthfully.

Being Christian in an Age of Heightened Hostility

For the sake of our neighbors, all who believe in the importance of truth must continue to say so.

Why People Question Christianity (and Why There's Cause for Optimism)

We face a crisis that is also an opportunity: people who are spiritually hungry, relationally isolated, and tired of being suspicious tend to be more open to spiritual things than those who are overly distracted.

Obesity Debate Just Another Example of Modern Gnosticism

We need not deny reality to affirm that every person and therefore every body possesses dignity and deserves respect and kindness.