Beth Moore Left the SBC after the SBC Left Women to Fend for Themselves

Beth Moore speaking at a conference, Beth Moore left the SBC after the SBC left women to fend for themselves

The church needs women who are seminary trained. The church needs women teaching in seminaries. The church needs women to minister to the world through academic appointments in secular institutions. The church needs women who serve in these ways, just as it needs women who are missionaries, mothers, teachers, servants, leaders and friends. Women in the church don’t need a room of their own as much as the church needs both women and men in the room.

The Privilege and Cost of Courageous Compassion

A woman starring off, The privilege and cost of courageous compassion

I appreciate the American impulse to protect and support the rights of minorities, in this case the transgender population. And I want to state clearly that God loves all people, whatever their sexual orientation or gender identity (John 3:16). We are all broken people (Romans 3:23). We are all loved by the God who is love (1 John 4:8).

At the same time, transgender Americans constitute only 0.6 percent of our population. How do we also protect the rights of the majority?

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