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10 Inspiring Quotes about Faith from Women

March is Women’s History Month. Too often, in our study of the church’s history, we neglect the role that women have played in spreading the Gospel and strengthening the church. In addition, many women who led great efforts outside of the church’s walls were motivated by their faith in Jesus. Through the example of these women, we are all motivated to greater faithfulness to our Lord and to love our neighbors in the name of Jesus.

Here are 10 inspiring quotes about faith from women:

Photo courtesy: ©Getty Images/Evgeniia Andronova

What Is a Woman? - Two Marches, Contradictory Catechisms

Those of us who didn’t grow up with modern gender politics need to realize that we are immigrants in this brave new world, but our kids are natives. They’ve never known any different. What’s obvious to us isn’t always obvious to them. And answers that come naturally for us often take courage for them. That’s why we must keep exposing lies about the human person and prepare them to speak politically incorrect truths.

8 Women You Should Know: Champions of Unpopular Causes

The Women Leaders Global Forum gathered to recognize and celebrate women making a positive difference in the world. While many deserving women won prestigious awards, I couldn't help but think of the many amazing women who are at least as worthy of recognition yet are never mentioned at any of these secular events. 

In their various causes and through very different work, these eight women speak up for those who, in our culture, have little to no voice: the unborn, those with disabilities, or victims of the sexual revolution. In doing so, they stand courageously against powerful cultural norms. If they worked on behalf of culturally acceptable causes, their names would be celebrated with the others.

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