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Max Lucado Shares Three Steps to Loving One Another despite Political Division

Lucado believes that our political culture and present national discourse is not helping or serving our culture well. "Our society is politically divided more than ever before, I haven't seen anything like it before," the Oak Hills Church pastor shared.

So, how do we fix the division and general lack of happiness? Lucado believes there are three solutions.

Eros Isn’t Enough: We Need All Four Loves

In a recent opinion piece at Business Insider, Shana Lebowitz proclaimed, “Divorce isn’t a failure…In fact, it could mean your marriage was a success!” According to the relationship experts cited by Lebowitz, the goal of marriage isn’t that two people become one flesh, or create a family, or even share lifelong love. No, the purpose of marriage, these so-called experts claim, is that we grow as individuals. Even marriages that end in divorce can accomplish that goal!

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