The Misguided Effort to Tame Pornography

A person on a computer, the misguided effort to tame pornography

There is no such thing as “ethical porn use.” Porn is premised on the notion that human beings can be abstracted from their personhood and consumed as collections of body parts. Porn assumes and trains consumers to believe that people are products to be bought and sold, and then discarded with the click of a mouse or the flick of a finger.

Help in the Midst of the Pornography Plague

A computer, Pornhub to remove millions of videos

Weiss and Glaser report that many parents miss the fact that kids often pursue pornographic material to meet unmet needs; to heal wounds, to resolve shame, to feel connected, to ease anxiety, to alleviate stress. So, try to find out what’s going on in your kids’ lives that drive them to seek out pornography. Breaking this debilitating habit will take a long time and involves developing new thought and behavior patterns.

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