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University Student Desecrates Bible for Art Project, Places Satanic Image over Jesus' Face

When given an assignment to turn a book into something new, one University of Southern Maine student decided to tear the pages of a Bible and place a satanic image over Jesus' face. The student said he had been thinking about the idea of questioning authority and wanted to question religious authority -- something he says is ordinarily taboo.

Second-Grade Student Helps Classmate with Autism, Photo Goes Viral: Defending Biblical Morality with Compassion

Christian Moore is an eight-year-old in Wichita, Kansas. On his first day of school this year, he noticed that a fellow classmate named Connor Crites was crying. Christian walked over, took Connor’s hand, and led him into their elementary school.

He didn’t know that his new friend is autistic.

Christian’s mother took a heartwarming photo of the two, hand in hand, walking into school. Connor’s mother responded: “It doesn’t matter color. It doesn’t matter gender. It doesn’t matter disability, and it doesn’t matter anything—just be kind, open your heart . . . it’s what we need in this world.”

Two Kentucky Students Open Food Truck to Feed Those in Need in Their Community

Two compassionate Kentucky students have decided to address the issue of hunger and poverty head-on this summer by opening up a food truck to feed those in need. Gavin Coutour and Cassie Stevens aim to serve a staggering 15,000 people through a combination of their innovative new food relief program and the district’s own efforts to alleviate the issue.

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