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10 Things Christians Need to Tell Their Teens about Sex

<p>In 30 years of speaking on the topic of sexual purity to youth and college groups, the question, “How far is too far?” is most asked by kids raised in Christian homes. <p>The task of taking your teen from looking for ways to go as far as they can with the person to whom they're attracted, to helping them understand the value of sexual purity, is not for the faint of heart. The struggle is real. But dear parent, it’s worth it! <p>To help, let’s visit 10 things to tell your kids about sex:

10 Parenting Rules You Need to Break

<p>Most moms and dads want to do it right. Yet with all the different information and philosophies on child rearing a parent can feel overwhelmed and overloaded. Many parenting approaches are impractical or even impossible to implement. While some strategies work really well in an educational setting, those same techniques do not transfer to the home environment. Other approaches don’t give the results we really desire. <p>To be good and godly parents we need wisdom. Not wisdom that comes from this world but wisdom from our Heavenly Father. In 1 Kings 3, Solomon asks God for wisdom. The Lord was pleased with Solomon’s request. We can ask too. <p>So let’s get real. Here are 10 rules that moms and dads actually need to break.

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