The Fierce Faith of a Mother

a mother and daughter hugging, how Christians should view critical race theory

Mother’s Day is one that is joyous for some and painful for others. I know the responsibilities are heavy, and sometimes it must seem overwhelming to be a mom amidst violence, fear and sickness. Your love and your leadership in your family and your community is invaluable. You are shaping this generation and the generations to come. Your hearts, mothers, make all the difference.

A Victim of Bad Ideas Is Frozen out of Fertility

A Victim of Bad Ideas Is Frozen out of Fertility

Ideas have consequences and bad ideas have victims. Seven years ago, Bloomberg Businessweek’s cover story told of a woman in her late 30s, single and successful in her career, who spent $19,000 to have her eggs frozen. She planned to focus on a career now and keep open the possibility of marriage and kids later. It didn’t turn out that way. Still single on her 45th birthday, she decided to have a child with the help of a sperm donor. However, her eggs failed to produce a child. She was crushed.

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