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Virtual-Reality Reality: The Simulation Hypothesis as Secular Religion

The scene is movie legend: Morpheus sits with Neo beside a fireplace while a storm rages outside, and tells him that the world he calls reality—what he sees when he looks out the window or turns on the television, when he goes to work—it’s all an illusion. If he takes the blue pill, Neo can remain comfortably in the illusion—you know, “The Matrix.” But if he takes the red pill, he will wake up to a very uncomfortable real world.

<em>Washington Post</em> Writer Leaves the Faith, Speaks for Millions: 4 Responses

This Washington Post article caught my eye: “I’m not passing my parents’ religion on to my kids, but I am teaching their values.” The author is Jared Bilski, a writer and comedian based in Pennsylvania. He tells of growing up in the Catholic church, attending Catholic school from kindergarten through high school, and serving as an altar boy and a church reader. He says he “even strongly considered going into the priesthood.”