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Christian authors

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Jonathan Pitts Opens Up about How He and His Kids Are Doing following His Wife’s Sudden Death

When Jonathan Pitts hit the send button on his computer the afternoon of July 24, 2018, to send the book that he and his wife Wynter had worked on, he felt a sense of relief. Four hours after sending the book to the publisher, Jonathan was faced with the overwhelming heartache of losing his wife suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 38. In a rare interview with Christian Headlines, Jonathan speaks candidly about being a widower and brings us up to date on how he and the girls are doing.

Billy Graham the Author: Here are 13 of His Best Books

The Rev. Billy Graham, who passed away on Wednesday, February 21, was most known for his ministry--his evangelistic Crusades and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. The world has hardly seen a more influential evangelist since the days of the early apostles. Graham influenced millions of people for Christ.

Preaching and speaking was not his only impact on the world, however. Over the course of six decades, Billy Graham published more than 30 books that address a range of issues from salvation to angels to heaven to Armageddon. He also wrote an autobiography. This is a sampling of his works, many of which were best-sellers and award winners:

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10 Classic Authors Who Had Strong Christian Faith

Christian faith was integral to so many classic authors' writings. Deep and abiding faith can be seen in writers of both poetry and prose, and this list includes just a few of them. We hope it will inspire you to appreciate the writings of these authors to an even greater extend or maybe to pick up their works for the very first time!

Although some may think that it is difficult to connect with authors and writings from previous centuries, perhaps the connection of shared faith may serve to bridge that gap and help you see these writers in new ways. The famous Christian father Augustine said that "All truth is God's truth," and while the works of these authors are fiction, it holds true that we can glean insights into God's character, faith, and human nature by reading their portrayal of these things. We hope you enjoy reading this list.

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100 Years After His Death, Oswald Chambers and 'My Utmost for His Highest' are Still Impacting Lives

Every day tens of thousands of people read the same entry in My Utmost for His Highest by way of an app, an email, a website, or their own copy of the book. A college freshman breaks open the volume his grandparents gave him when he graduated high school. A businesswoman, commuting into the city, listens to Utmost on her phone. A young musician discusses the devotional with her mentor. A war reporter, embedded in an army unit, pulls Utmost from his inside flak jacket, where he keeps the book close to his heart. My Utmost for His Highest has been in print for nearly a hundred years. What accounts for the book’s continued appeal to people of all ages and stations in life? To attempt an answer to this question, one must look at individual stories, taken from the recently released Utmost Ongoing: Reflections on the Legacy of Oswald Chambers.

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