Pope Francis

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Biblical Scholar Speaks about Pope's Switch to Our Father: A Loving God Can Still Lead Us into Temptation

Biblical scholar and Swiss linguist Fr. Reto Nay says the possible change of the sixth petition of the “Our Father” prayer isn’t accurate. Nay’s comments to LifeSiteNews came after a 2017 interview with Pope Francis on Italian TV where he said the traditional translation of “and lead us not into temptation” is “not good.”

The Vatican to Respond to Pope Francis Cover-Up Claims

This week the Vatican announced that it would be responding to allegations that “Pope Francis covered up” sexual abuse by former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Claims of this action were recently brought to light by former Vatican Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò who wrote an open letter to the pope calling him out for his lack of action in the cases of sex abuse in the Catholic church.

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