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Archaeology Offers 'Tsunami of Evidence' of the Bible

Milton Quintanilla | CrosswalkHeadlines Contributor | Updated: Mar 14, 2024
Archaeology Offers 'Tsunami of Evidence' of the Bible

Archaeology Offers 'Tsunami of Evidence' of the Bible

Shasta Bible College Professor Tom Meyer, also known as the "Bible Memory Man" recently wrote a book explaining how archaeological finds further validate the Bible.

As reported by Faithwire, Meyer recently published Archaeology and the Bible: 50 Fascinating Finds That Bring the Bible to Life.

“We don’t need archaeology to prove the Bible's true,” Meyer recently told CBN News. “The Bible stands on its own. It’s totally authoritative in all manners.”

He explained that Christains are often challenged with evangelism and sharing their faith, especially when talking with people who claim that the Bible lacks authority. “You know how it is if you’re sharing your faith, or you’re evangelizing,” Meyer said. “If you tell someone, 'You need to believe the Bible because the Bible says it’s true,' you're going to get some pushback.”

Meyer believes it’s good to know "different apologetics" that direct one to the Gospel, pointing out that archaeology keeps “revealing new information from the pages of the Bible.”

“Bible archaeology has given us a tsunami of evidence that we already know — that all these people existed,” he said. “But we have proof of their names. …I think 50 to 100 people [who are] mentioned in the Bible, that person’s exact name — King David, Isaiah the prophet, King Hezekiah, et cetera — we found their names and archaeological objects, which… demonstrates the reliability and the accuracy of Scripture.”

He also explained about certain finds surrounding King David and his kingdom, adding that there wasn’t clear extra-biblical evidence of King David until 1994.

“We found in 1994… King David’s name on a monument in the gate at Tel Dan, which is the north pole of Israel,” Meyer said. “Ever since then, we’ve been getting these little drips and drops of information about King David’s kingdom and et cetera.”

In 2023, there was another finding regarding some forts built by King David. “When they dug in Jerusalem, they found a giant moat,” he said. “A moat that dates from the time of David, a defensive fortification right in the city of Jerusalem.”

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Archaeology Offers 'Tsunami of Evidence' of the Bible