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How to Contact, Have an Effective Conversation with Your Congressperson

There are dozens of ways to get involved in politics. You could run for office, join a special-interest group or even become a lobbyist. But if that isn’t the route you want to go; a simpler option would be to pick up your phone and call your congressmen or women.

Giving your congresspeople a call is one of the most effective ways to make sure that they know how you – the constituent – want to be represented in regard to current issues.

When googling “how to contact my congressperson,” a U.S. Government link appears front and center. What the link brings you to is a place where you can fill out a form that will direct your message to your representative or senator. While filling out this form or writing an email can be effective, experts say making a phone call is even better, the New York Times reports.

Here are six tips to help you contact your congressperson and have an effective conversation with them:

Photo courtesy: Alexander Andrews/Unsplash

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