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How to Read the News without Losing Your Mind

How to Read the News without Losing Your Mind

These days, it seems like every news headline is calibrated to grab our attention and entice us to click on the link. Unfortunately, few of these headlines stoke our desire to be informed and instead are tailored to either make us angry or afraid. Appealing to these two strong emotions–fear and loathing–may spell big paydays for corporations, but they are killing our souls and destroying our sanity. Followers of Jesus have to find a better way to read the news.


Calling Boulder Mass Shooter a 'White Christian Nationalist' Does Not Violate Misinformation Policies, Twitter Says

Twitter, Twitter is under fire after it failed to remove a hashtag calling for the burning of priests

Despite the Colorado mass shooter reportedly being an immigrant from Syria who practices Islam, Newsweek reports that a Twitter spokesperson told the outlet that calling the gunman a “White Christian terrorist" does not violate the social media platform’s misinformation policies.

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