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The Social-Media-Examined Life Is Not the One That Sustains Us

social media apps on a phone, Clarence Thomas calls for Big Tech and social media regulations

Recently, after giving a talk on the effects of this technological age, I was asked what visions we might offer to counter the false public personas, portrayals and projections shared on social media. One suggestion I gave is to focus on the joys of everyday, ordinary life to counter the romantic notion that in order to serve God well we must “do big things” and “change the world.” The truth is that we serve God best when we love our neighbors and each other faithfully and well in whatever ways God calls us.  

Can Anything Good Happen on TikTok?: Christian Influencers and the Gospel Message

TikTok, Can anything good come from TikTok?

TikTok, a short form video social media platform, has become a home for Christian evangelism and discipleship. But sharing the Gospel online cannot replace sharing it in real life. The key lesson here is to allow new technologies to do what they can do, but not expect them to do what they cannot do. The internet can disperse sermons and teaching materials like no other platform the world has ever seen. It cannot be the kind of gathering place required for church.

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