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The 10 Commandments of Facebook: Things Christians Should Never Do On Social Media

Sometimes it feels like Facebook should come with a warning label: Enter at your own risk.

The internet can be a harsh place, and it can be easier to slip into bad habits on social media than in the “real world.” You can’t always see the damage you do, you can react within seconds in the heat of anger, and it’s hard to take your words back once you’ve put them out to all of Facebook.

As Christians, we should be especially careful what we post online, and more importantly, how we treat others. You might be able to come up with more, but here are 10 problem areas that I see most often. Have you noticed yourself or others falling into these traps?

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Twitter Isn’t Real: Opting Out of Amplified Outrage

Recently, a friend shared with me a statement on a personal issue that she wanted to post on social media. I urged her not to do it, partly because of my own experiences with social media, and partly because I’m convinced that what happens on these platforms isn’t nearly as consequential as we often feel they are.

Twitter Bans Pro-Life Organization from Showing Pro-Life Ads

Live Action founder Lila Rose recently shared on Twitter that her organization has been banned from showing ads on the platform unless they delete the majority of the pro-life content on both their Twitter feed and their website. Rose’s announcement came after a lengthy back and forth with the social media giant in which Live Action repeatedly saw their ads banned by Twitter even though they contained similar content, but a different message from those run by Planned Parenthood.

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