gender identity

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NC School Pulls 'Diversity Inventory' Asking Students about Gender, Sexuality, Religion

Wake County’s Heritage High School has withdrawn a “diversity inventory” worksheet that asked students personal questions about not only their gender, sexuality, and religion, but also about their teachers, friends, and authority figures. The teacher then asked students to stand beside posters based on the questions that make them feel the “most privileged.”

Australian Catholic Schools to Teach that God Is 'Gender-Neutral'

Catholic schools in Brisbane will soon begin teaching their students gender-neutral pronouns for God and will stop using “Lord,” “Father,” and “Son” in prayers. The Daily Mail reports that schools such as All Hallows, Stuartholme, Loreto College, and Stuartholme School “are leading a push towards a feminist interpretation of the Christian Bible.”

Texas School Survey Tells Students ‘Gender Is How a Person Feels’

A recent survey given to all Austin public school students—as young as the third grade – told children, “Sex is what a person is born (sic). Gender is how a person feels.” The survey went on to ask pupils to select whether they feel they are a “girl/woman,” “boy/man,” or “identify in some other way.” The test also provided a blank box where students were asked to “describe how you identify.”

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