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What Does the Bible Say about Food?

There are many views regarding what diet is ideal. Vegans, vegetarians, proponents of plant-based diets, and meat promoters all argue that their diet is best. Throw the raw diet crowd into the mix, and the confusion only increases. Many of these diets overlap but with some stark differences. For example, hard-core raw advocates don’t cook any food. They consume it straight from the tree, vine, or ground. Plant-based diets promote raw, but they are often flexible and have a much broader range of choices.

Bible Displayed in Over 3,000 Paintings at the National Mall

The entire Bible was on illustrated display this weekend at the National Mall. German painter Willy Wiedmann created 3,333 images depicting God’s redemptive history from Genesis to Revelation. Each of the images were printed together to create a mile-long display held by more than 400 volunteers throughout the day around the Reflecting Pool at the National Mall.