Our Way with Words

open Bible on table

Without God, there is no meaning, not in language, or art, or in reality itself. Christians, because our worldview begins not only with God but with a God who communicates, are far more in the prescriptivist camp when it comes to words. While words obviously change over time, as custom and culture ebb and flow, words point beyond other words and random interpretations to true realities. The basis of the world itself is words… God’s words, to be precise.

President Biden and Isaiah 6: It's Not Really about 'Here Am I, Send Me'

Joe Biden, Biden becomes the first president not to mention God in his national day of prayer proclamation

Last week, in a speech responding to the terrorist attack on the airport in Kabul, President Joe Biden quoted from Isaiah 6:8, when the prophet answered the Lord’s call by saying, ‘Here am I send me!” It was odd. It was out of place. And, it was inappropriate. Even worse than blurring the line between America and the Kingdom of God, the President used Holy Scripture to deflect from his own responsibility for this disaster.

Don’t Confuse Military Action with the Mission of God

U.S. Military person saluting the flag, Don't confuse military action with the mission of God

Let me be clear: It is never appropriate to take the mission of God in Scripture and apply it to the American military, the American dream or the American way of life. They are not interchangeable. The kingdom of God and earthly kingdoms are not one and the same, nor does the kingdom of God depend on the success of earthly governments, movements, campaigns or wars.