Why the Bible Is Not a Prop

After nights of rioting and violence across America and even right outside the White House, the president punctuated his speech by walking from the Rose Garden to a historically important church that was nearly burned down the night before. He then posed with a Bible in hand beside the church sign.

The Bible should never be used as a prop.

Teach Your Kids to Love the Bible Today

If you’ve experienced the transformative nature of God’s Word in your own life, there’s no doubt you would want your children to have the same hunger in their lives. Since we as parents cannot guarantee our children won’t face hardship, we can only trust that properly equipping them with His Word will give them a firm foundation to stand on.

Pandemic or No, We Must Live Out Our Faith: Join the Colson Fellows

The sad fact is that today, starting a conversation with “the Bible says” will often cause the listener to stop listening.  So what you do is make arguments based on what the Reformers called common grace, or what historically has been known as natural law. This is what Paul did when he gave his famous sermon at Mars Hill, his first foray into the Greek culture.

Falling in Love with God's Word

If you don’t love the Bible, you are missing out. Some may think of the Bible as a boring textbook, a collection of fairy tales or as just plain irrelevant to 21st century life. In reality, the Bible is God’s love letter to us.