Delivering Hope in Times of Crisis

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At a time when everyone is frightened and no one knows what to expect, with many unanswered questions, it is so helpful that we have the unchanging Word of God to share. While we can’t provide answers about the immediate future, we can provide bedrock truth about the hope of eternity. And while we have no guarantees of peace in this lifetime, we can share about the Prince of Peace who will guard our hearts and keep our minds at perfect peace when our thoughts are focused on Him.

Did Christ Really Rise from the Dead? 4 Confirmations That We Serve a Risen Lord

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Easter is quickly approaching and many of us are turning our thoughts toward the Resurrection of Christ.

Easter is a time to rejoice in such a central tenet of the Christian faith. Easter is also a good time to ponder the truth of Christianity more deeply, and specifically look at the evidence for Christ's Resurrection.

It is so important as a Christian to be assured of the truth of the Resurrection because as the Apostle Paul states, “If there is no resurrection of the dead, then not even Christ has been raised. And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith” (I Corinthians 15:13-14).

To that end, here are four pieces of evidence to show that Christ truly did rise from the dead and we have much to rejoice about this Easter.

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The Imprecatory Psalms and Russia

Bible open to the Psalms title page, a psalm that leads to unhurried serenity and peace and power

Imprecatory psalms affirm our sense that there’s real wrong with the world, that we are right to be angry about it. They speak of the psalmist’s pain in their realness and rawness. They remind us that God is not afraid of our anger. In fact, He, too, is grieved and angry at evil borne of the sin we have committed against one another. These psalms, these imprecatory words, remind us that we can come to God in our anger and ask that He do something about it. The rest of the Psalms, and the rest of the Bible, remind us that He is trustworthy. 

How We Can Learn from Early Christians' Efforts to Prove the Relevance of God's Love Through Their Compassion

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When early Christians saw someone suffering, they intervened personally in the power of the Lord in a way that met felt needs to meet spiritual needs. They embraced every problem, every pain, every challenge as an invitation to prove the relevance of God’s love through their compassion. And by Acts 17:6, they had “turned the world upside down” and sparked the mightiest spiritual movement the world has ever known. God wants his people today to view challenges as opportunities just as the first Christians did. 

8 Ways You Can be Ready for Jesus' Return

8 Ways You Can be Ready for Jesus' Return

When Jesus left this earth, He promised that He would return one day and take us to live with Him in His heavenly Kingdom. We are living now in the Church Age, and regardless of what you believe about specific eschatology of the end times, all Christians can agree that Christ is coming back and we are called to be ready and walking the straight and narrow path so that He may tell us "well done, good and faithful, servant" on that glorious day when we meet Him face to face.

Here are eight things you can do as you seek to cultivate a life centered on Christ, eagerly awaiting His return.

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'Business as Usual' Isn't Going to Cut it Anymore

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Without a doubt, the one thing that always stands out about genuine spiritual awakenings is that they are birthed in the inner chamber of prayer as well as obedience to God's Word. "Business as usual" is not going to cut it in these dire times. I truly believe that our finest hour will be when we have labored for the Lord and lie exhausted on the field of battle – victorious.

5 Ways the Church Can Counteract Fake News

5 Ways the Church Can Counteract Fake News

While “fake news” emerged as a political phenomenon during the 2016 election, lies have been masquerading as truth since the beginning of time. Christians should be encouraged our postmodern, post-Christian culture is having a conversation about truth as something that can be known, identified, and sorted out from lies. I see this as one of the best opportunities in our time to introduce people to the One who is Truth.

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