If We Want to Prevent Human Trafficking, We Need to Focus on Older-Child Adoption

a mom and a teen son, we need to focus on older-child adoption

Many of us have started moving on from the pandemic. We’re at the two-year mark now, cases are dropping, and we’ve started living our normal lives again. But for so many, this return to normalcy is impossible. Human trafficking spiked during the pandemic, as did the sheer number of those vulnerable to traffickers. And hundreds of thousands of these newly-vulnerable people all over the world are just children.

Christians Can Show the World They're More Than "Pro-Birth," just in Time for March For Life

a mom hugging a baby, Christians can show the world they’re more than 'pro-birth'

For millennia, those who follow Jesus have been a voice for the pre-born. Since the passing of Roe v. Wade in 1973, they have not only raised concerns and advocated for new laws, but they have also built pregnancy centers and family support systems. In our efforts to fight for vulnerable children, we must continue to follow the broader call of Scripture — namely, to care for all children, pre-born and already-born.

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