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do you need God? woman questioning

In a sweeping survey of thousands across 34 countries, the Pew Research Center wanted to discover whether people felt that you needed to believe in God in order to be moral. The results varied depending on economic development, education and age, with higher percentages in emerging economies holding to the importance of theism.

blue glowing energy field in space God or science

In a review of the recent book by Jenny Kleeman, Sex Robots and Vegan Meat, Eleanor Halls of the Telegraph wondered aloud, “Is science out of moral control?” The answer? Pretty much.

peeling back old cracked earth to reveal renewal blue sky rainbow birds

Throughout the years, many have turned to H. Richard Niebuhr, who classically outlined the various responses that could be made in light of the interplay between Christ and culture, with such famous typologies as “Christ Against Culture,” “Christ of Culture” and “Christ Above Culture.” Yet what Niebuhr actually explained is how two authorities—namely Christ and culture—compete with each another.

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