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Kelly-Jayne McGlynn

Kelly-Jayne McGlynn

Why The Church Needs to Talk to Singles about Sex Way More

There is a good reason the Church doesn’t talk about sex to singles very often. The Bible is clear that sex is an act exclusively meant for married people and talking about it too much to singles can cause unnecessary stumbling blocks or discontentment. But the Bible is also clear that sex is a beautiful, God-given gift.

For singles to not talk or think about sex for so long, then eventually get married and immediately be expected to welcome sex as a significant part of their lives, can be very damaging. The Church can easily do more to prepare singles for marriage and even use the topic of God-designed sex to encourage singles, regardless of if they ever marry.

Here are three consequences that I’ve seen from the Church seldom mentioning sex unless it’s in a negative light:

3 Spiritual Reasons to Go after Your Childhood Dreams

In every one of your childhood delights, there was God, teaching you about himself. And the more we can reach into this deep well of delight, the more we can give to others. Not only do our childhood hobbies and dreams bring us joy, they often involve BIG visions of how we can help others, too. Like the Japanese principle of ikigai, your childhood dreams can be the key to not just what you love, what you are good at, and what you can be paid for–but what the world needs, too.

So, reignite those dreams! Get out that journal, be brave and record yourself singing, if only for yourself. Buy that Lego set so you can feel what it's like to build again. Start with doing what you love without judgment, and the rest will follow. Your inner child will thank you for it, and so will your future self!

I Believe in the Sanctity of Life, but Don't Agree with the Overturning of Roe v. Wade

Forcing births without support is not pro-life, forcing our beliefs on others and causing them suffering is not pro-life, and putting mothers' lives at stake is not pro-life. I may not agree with people's decisions to get an abortion. But overturning Roe v. Wade was not the way to accomplish what we want: a world where all lives are upheld as precious in the sight of God.

3 Things I Wish I Knew about Dating Besides 'Don't Have Sex'

I am 27, dating for the first time in the Kingdom, and if I could boil down the relationship advice I received before I started dating, it would be this: "Don't have sex before you're married." And I'm not saying that purity isn't essential. But I am saying that there is so much more to healthy relationships other than physical purity. And now that I've been dating a wonderful man for 11 months and have picked up a thing or two in the mess of figuring it out on our own, I want to draw our attention to 3 things that I wish I was taught about dating, besides purity:

You're Not Boring, You're Just Disconnected

So if you are feeling like you are boring or that your life is boring, I beg you to reconsider. You are divine. The same materials God used to make stardust and amethyst and sunsets are the same materials he used to weave you together in your mother’s womb. You are not boring. You are just disconnected from your stunning, complex, beautiful authentic self.

3 Reasons Picking Up a Creative Hobby Is Good for Your Spiritual Health

Just before the pandemic, I started making polymer clay earrings. It's an art form that I truly love, but the best part is how much this creative endeavor has connected me back with God. I see him in and through my work, and I'm convinced that other people see God through my art, too. Here are three reasons you should pick up a creative hobby:

3 Reasons Christians Should Go to Therapy

One of the most transformative ways God sets us free is through setting us free from trauma, life traps, and outright lies that we believe about ourselves and Him. Here are my top 3 reasons why Christians should get therapy:

A Survival Kit for Those in a Spiritual Desert

Have you ever gone from feeling on top of the world with God, like he’s walking right beside you, answering your prayers, telling you he loves you with every sunset – and then it’s like he vanishes? I call this the "spiritual desert." As painful and confusing as being in a spiritual desert is, it is also a necessary season for everyone’s walk with God. To help anyone currently in a spiritual desert, I have compiled a survival guide of sorts to help get you to the other side. And I promise you, there is another side!

From Self-Flagellation to Celebration: How Healing from Spiritual Abuse Changed My View of Communion

One of the most significant false teachings that sticks out to me from my time in a spiritually abusive environment was how communion was taught. Now that I know that communion is about celebration and not self-flagellation, I just want everyone to see and know this Jesus: the Lord of life, celebration, and victory. Not the Jesus of shame, condemnation, and hyperfocus on our sin.

How My Evangelical Church Taught Me Not to Trust Myself, and How I Am Healing from It

One of the hallmark characteristics of someone who has been spiritually abused is that they do not trust themselves. This has been one of the deepest wounds for me to heal, but the one that has made me feel the most empowered as a daughter of God. I would love to share with you how spiritual abuse disconnected me from my intuition and how I am slowly taking it back.

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